I do not know Rabbi and Mrs. Levin personally.

However our children’s lives have crossed paths in many different ways.

I began to get involved in redting shidduchim about 12 years ago. B”H, B”H I have been granted the zechus of redting thousands of shidduchim and successfully being the shaliach for over 100 couples. This project that the Levins have launched has really touched on a much needed sensitivity to the graveness of the situation out there. Yes, we must all collectively try and think of shidduchim for everyone we know….and if we have an idea and can’t act on it for whatever reason.. Please give it to someone who can.

After this tragedy, I was approached by an askan in Flatbush asking me to arrange a speed dating in his home in Flatbush. It was a busy time… around lag baomer…and I said as much as I would love to, I feel I have too much on my plate now….maybe  in a few weeks….

Then I saw an email about the 10k Batay Yisroel initiative… and I said to myself… Who am I to say I’m too busy? What can be more important?

With the help of HKB”H we pulled off a beautiful event.

At the event itself I thought of Yisroel and Elisheva and the legacy they left behind.

As a result of this successful event… There are still couples dating and there have been TWO BEAUTIFUL AMAZING SHIDDUCHIM THAT ARE GETTING MARRIED AFTER YOM TOV.

Yisroel and Elisheva were definitely the impetus for this amazing event that will IY”H create binyanei adey ad

May this be a comfort to both families.