Some years ago I made 5 shidduchim in about 2 years time.  Just last week my sixth and last shidduch just made a bar mitzvah for their oldest child and I attended with great joy and had such nachas.  Once you make one shidduch it is in your blood and you just keep trying.  In the beginning I was trying to redt shidduchim all the time but eventually I became very disillusioned and frustrated because the parties just didn’t respond at all. It’s okay to say ” we looked into it but it’s not for us”.  No is also an answer. But no responses at all made me give up and I stopped redting. But when I heard Rabbi Shaya Levin ( who is a dear family friend of ours) speak about 10K Batay Yisroel, I decided to put aside all my disappointments and frustrations and started redting shidduchim again as a zechus for Yisroel and Elisheva a”h.  And that is how this shidduch came to be, all with the help of Hashem of course.!