“I am family friends with this family and the mother always said she wanted me to make her sons shidduch. In the summer she asked me about a girl when I was out with a close friend of mine and I didn’t know the girl she asked me about so well but my friend did so I asked my friend about her. The idea didn’t work out for whatever reason and then I asked this friend hey, maybe he is for you but then I didn’t do anything at that point because I think maybe she was busy or something. Then a few months ago the mother started asking me about different girls and for whatever reason none of them were for him. Then I thought of this friend again and they for sure matched up hashkafically but I wasn’t sure personality or whatever. I was nervous to redt it because I didn’t want anyone being upset or insulted or whatever. Then a different friend pushed me to redt it. So I just texted the mother my friends resume and said look into her she is my really good friend and she is amazing. So she did and then she asked me if I wanted to be the in between and I said no thanks so her sister in law did it. Here we are 2 months later Baruch HaShem and they are engaged !!!!!!

I never thought that I can redt a shidduch.  I heard my siblings and mother talk about this initiative and I started thinking more about setting people up (neighbors, family friends, people that I dated) with my friends or people that I know. I wasn’t so confident in the beginning but I said why not and b”H we are here now. This she be a zechus aliyos neshamos for  ישרא-ל בן ישעי-הו הלוי ואלישבע בתי׳ בת יחיא-ל אפרים”