This past Pessach my brother’s friend came over to my parents house. He was talking about how his dating was going with a girl he was currently dating. He then went on to talk about his older 26 year old sister who needs a shiduch. I thought of my brother-in-law who was 27. I contacted my mother-in-law after the Chag and they went out. I was the go between and I contacted Das Torah to help guide me when necessary. BH they got married November 8th! Only Simchas!

10K encouraged me to make a shiduch. I always wanted to make a shiduch. However, it made me more aware and realize how one person can make an impact if we all try to look out for others and think of someone for them. It made me less afraid to try and suggest people. It can’t hurt!

Keep encouraging others and may it continue to be a huge zechus for Yisroel and Elisheva and may their neshama have a tremendous aliya.”