“I know the chosson’s sister from seminary and the Kallah from sleepaway camp. I was schmoozing with my friend and she asked if I knew anyone for her brother. The idea popped into my head of this girl form camp (who barely remembered me when I reached out to her!) The girl and I had few interactions in camp but enough that I knew a little about her. They went out starting last year November, got engaged in the summer, and the wedding is tomorrow! Baruch HaShem!


Siyata DiShmaya I saw in the process was that I never met my friend’s brother directly, and rather I only knew about him through my friend, and the girl I knew from camp was because I was close friends with her co-counselor, so I would spend some time in their bunk. I feel a tremendous zechus to have been the shaliyach to bring these two individuals together.
This project inspires me because of the unbelievable potential there is in making a suggestion. I wish for Yisroel and Elisheva’s merit to continue through this project and future couples building batei ne’emans byisrael.  Baruch HaShem this one worked out!! Davening hard for more!”