I’m not sure how I heard about this website but when I did find out about it, it hit something in my heart. It made me sad because of the circumstances that spurred this campagin but it also inspired me. Mi kamcha yesrol who rise up in the face of pain. Who try and make others happy when they themselves are suffering untold hurt. A Truly magnificent nation we are.

The one and only thing I learned from “making a shidduch” is that I dont make shidduchim Hakadosh Baruch Hu makes shidduchim.
It is clear as day that I may very much think it will work- she is deep and he is deep, she has brown hair and he has brown hair, she likes nice things oh he likes nice things, he wants to learn she wants him to learn! All the boxes can be checked off with big smiley faces… But If Hakadosh Baruch Hu “says” no. No is no. You can beg people to listen to u, u can give your pitch for hours, You can Find the perfect lounge with just the right amount of people and you can even offer to drive the couple to the date and pay for gas… but u cant make a shidduch work if it is just not meant to work. Hashem is in control and that is apparent when it comes to shidduchim.
That being said. I honestly did not put to much thought in my suggestion. It was kind of a shot in the dark. I didn’t spend hours comparing the potential couple seeing if they would click. I just forwarded a resume… and like they say the rest is history. Baruch Hashem I was bentched to be a shaliach for a very special zechus. I’m so very thankful and so very happy that I had this opportunity.  I hope that this special z’chus should be leloi nishamas Yisroel a”h and Elisheva a”h.