As a single girl in shidduchim, I remember how much chizzuk I used to get from all the amazing speeches 10k Batay Yisroel had. I remember how good it felt to get phone calls from people thinking of me and suggesting different ideas.
When I became a kallah, I remember the amazing feeling it felt to be done with shidduchim and to finally have my dream come true. I remembered thinking that I will do whatever I can to help my friends and anyone who needs a shidduch to get to the same stage.I decided to start logging all my redts on 10k Batay Yisroel, as a zechus for them as they gave me tremendous Chizuk.
I had a close seminary friend of mine, who I got together with one night. She was asking me if I had any ideas for her after she discussed with me what she was looking for. I told her that I will try to think of an idea. The next day at work, one of my workmates mentioned something about a date he was going on which made me realize that he wasn’t married. After asking him what he is looking for, I told him I will keep him in mind.
About a week later, I was driving and the idea just popped in my head- my co-worker for my friend from seminary. The next day at work, I told the boy about my idea. He said it sounded good and will have his mother look into it. I then logged it on 10k batay yisroel thinking that it should be a zechus for everyone to have clarity.
After redting it, I decided to call someone who knew both sides and asked her what she thought of the shidduch idea. Surprisingly, she told me it was not a good idea at all and she just doesn’t see it. I decided that I had an obligation towards helping my friend, so I continued to push the idea regardless.
A few weeks later I got a yes from both sides.
The siyata dishmaya that came after was truly amazing. Every date they went on just got better and better and really progressed so smoothly. After a few dates, they were both ready.
I feel so privileged that I had the zechus of being a shliach and making a shidduch, as well as being able to be part of such a special organization. It truly was a win- win for me!