I was redt to a boy, he wasn’t what I was looking for so I said no. But when I was finding out information about him, I thought, “wow. He’s a great guy. I wonder if I have anyone for him.”
Later that night, on old friend texted me. We haven’t been in touch that much that I would think of her on the spot but because she texted me that night I asked her to send me her resume saying, “I have a long shot….” Turns out it was basheret and bh they are engaged. 4 weeks after their Lchaim, I celebrated Mine!

This initiative has been something that gave me so much chizuk throughout the dating process.  I have always tried re-redting the boys I went out with to other girls. I never got a couple to go out though and it was extremely disheartening to keep trying and putting myself out there. Bh I was chosen to be a shaliach for this one and I am so grateful!
The song afikomen is one that I listen to on repeat….i have always been inspired by it and now I feel like I can take a small part in this incredible initiative and I am not going to stop here!