I am very happy to announce you the engagement of a new couple that I logged a few months ago.
I just wanted to add an incredible thing I noticed that when I make a suggestion, every time I think of logging it in 10K, the shidduch works BH.

I was very inspired when I heard about 10K a few years ago, and I think it’s so important to motivate people and to tell them that EVERYONE can be a shadhan and not only offical shadhanim. Since I know 10K, I am trying as far as I can to share this wonderful initiative with friends and family in France. I’ve been also inspired a lot by the song Afikomen.
I wanted to say again a huge chazak for this great initiative.

By the zchus of Ysroel and Elisheva always, May we always be more and more inspired to make beautiful shidduchims in klal yisroel