I am a regular Bais Yaakov girl who does not know many boys, knows tons of girls, and knows that most boys’ mothers are turned off at the thought of a young shadchan. Nevertheless I network with friends, neighbors, and coworkers and then go through the whole process of getting thru to a shadchan who the boy’s mother will listen to. They in turn come up with the usual: he’s looking into a bunch of things, she’s the same age as him…. I remember R Levin’s messages and don’t give up! I am world’s biggest nudge and call them back each week to nudge the guy. Sometimes this means getting another person to suggest it also. Eventually with siyata dshmaya, a few couples went out and I excitedly logged them on the website:):) one couple is currently going out. Even if it doesn’t work out, the girls feel so supported that someone sweated it out for them. Point is: Don’t suggest and then mark it off as”done”. Keep at it!!! Even for months! And boys’ mothers: Do some research on every thoughtful suggestion and let your sons go out if it sounds in the ballpark.