10k has really motivated me and my family to try and think of and redd shidduchim.
B”H I have a 20 year old daughter in shidduchim, she makes great efforts to think of shidduchim. It could be for a boy she was redd to that was not for her or a boy she dated . B”h this past two weeks she thought of two shidduchim which we redd. Both said yes b”h, and are going out. This week my daughter was redd 3 shidduchim b”h. I don’t believe that anything is random , I think hashem was saying something loud and clear. Everyone in shidduchim or anyone that has kids in shidduchim , use the networking and calls that you are making not only for your own children. If someone is not for you or your child , use what you found out to help them find their shidduch