I am a single girl in shidduchim and I often network with friends for shidduch ideas for others. I BH have one date going out, and another the boy that gave a yes, and we are awaiting a response from the girl. It was totally out of my comfort zone to redt these shidduchim, and i pushed myself to call up the boys mothers and even shadchanim to be the go between. I had in mind that it should be a zechus for Yisroel and Elisheva A’H when i pushed myself to make the phone call. I just want everyone to know that you really can network and think of ideas, even when you don’t know one side well. With Hashem’s help, it happens so often that i hear a basic description about a boy, and think of of a girl, and they already dated. The shidduch world is very small! I love this initiative and I am so passionate about it, ideas really can go far! I will iyH keeping logging my suggestions. I am waiting for the day that i get to log a Shidduch engagement iyH.