I posted an a shidduch I made on May 4th on the 10K website. I wrote the story of how I made my best friend’s shidduch with my cousin’s brother-in-law.

Following the shidduch I made for her, she and her mother desperately wanted to pay me back and make my shidduch in return. To make a long story short, they thought I would be a great idea for a neighbor on their block. They redt it to their neighbor and they gave me a yes.
The rest is history!
Baruch Hashem I got engaged on Friday.

It’s just amazing to see how Hashem paid me back for making my friend’s shidduch— she went on to make mine!! mitzvah gorreres mitzvah!!
Thank you for the part 10K Batay Yisroel had in these wonderful shidduchim.

May they be a zchus for the aliyos of the neshamos.