To all those out there who think they aren’t qualified to redt: it turns out that it ain’t all that hard to hang out a shadchan shingle:). I am a young, regular Bais Yaakov girl. I had always redt shidduchim when a good idea came to mind for a friend or neighbor. During the past year, though, thanks to this initiative, I began proactively searching for ideas instead of waiting for them to cross my path. I’d ask my friends during conversation if they knew any guys or girls on the market. I’d ask my mom’s friends what their children are looking for. I even called some parents of random singles I’d learned about, to find out more and suggest ideas. It didn’t take too long for people to begin calling me on their own to present new singles and see if I knew anyone; by now I’ve even gotten calls from people I don’t know. Although I didn’t yet have the zechus to make a shidduch (my current success rate is a couple of dates, a number of one-sided yes’s, and a bunch of ideas which the parties thought were really on target but didn’t work out for one reason or another), it is amazing to see how we can make an actual difference in people’s lives, or at least make them happy for a day!!, with such minimal input. I look forward to seeing it result one day IYH in maximum output.