First of all I am truly grateful to be part of such a special am hanivchar. I want to also testify that this past year a lot of older singles who have been waiting around for 5,6,7,8 years have finally gotten engaged. It may not be directly related to this site or initiative, but maybe because klal Yisroel is pounding on rachamei shamayim with their tefilla and histadlus. There are so many girls and boys who are still waiting, and this is a great outlet for all of us to help out and help them find their way. Some girls and boys are not only waiting to find their zivugim but simply waiting and waiting for dates. HK”BH should bless this initiative with much hatzlacha and siyata dishmaya. P.S. I can name more than 7 or 8 older singles that have BH become engaged out of nowhere after sitting around for such a long time.

Thank you.