I’ve realized that so many people I know who got engaged recently have been in shidduchim for 5+ years and it’s really amazing that after all these years, suddenly they’re moving on after R’ Levin’s bakasha at the Levaya:
– I’m 25 and two girls from seminary got engaged (we haven’t had sem engagements in months!)
– my brother’s 33 year old friend got engaged
– my friend’s 28 year old brother is engaged to a 28 year girl
– my other brother’s 30 year old friend got engaged
– a girl a year older than me (26) with a broken engagement is engaged now
– a 27 year old girl who was in high school with my sister got engaged

We can each do our part to add to the list!! Imagine how many more will get engaged when everyone is sitting and thinking and redting shidduchim!!
This should be an Aliyah Neshama for both Yisroel A”H and Elisheva A”H, a nechama to the Levin and Kaplan families and may we all have the zechus to establish Batay Yisroel!