Incredible!! so grateful to see this website up and running. I have an idea. I am not a shadchan, but I try to redt shidduchim, I have an action partner. Everyday we touch base and try to take 1 action for shidduchim, whether it is inquiring if someones’ child is dating, obtaining a resume or making a phone call. I find with an action partner it makes you more focused on taking the steps needed to bring a shidduch to fruition. We have been zocheh to make a few (not enough) shidduchim, but the point is we keep on trying to think of something and moving things forward… I’m sharing this idea in the hopes that more shidduchim will occur…. Incidentally I have heard of so many dates going out over the last few weeks, that i feel certain, that Rabbi Levins beautiful words are already being mekaim!!