The organization and website are so inspiring and empowering. Each time I suggest a Shidduch, it feels so good to enter the information onto this website and see the number of suggest Shidduchim increase. It shows that every effort really counts. May we have many Simchas this year. May this be an Aliyas Neshama for Yisroel and Elisheva! Maybwe be Zoche to be reunited with them THIS year with the coming of Mashiach!

On Shabbos I met a very fine older girl I don’t know personally. I have seen her profile and have actually mentioned her name to one or two mothers of boys (although without results). I told her that she has no idea, but people she doesn’t even know are actively trying to make a shidduch for her. She said, “That’s good to know.” I hope it was an encouraging comment. It’s certainly true in the case of many, many of our singles. It’s always good for us to try to make shidduchim and to give encouragement to singles in the parsha.

Because I focus a lot on older singles, my suggestions don’t result in a first date as often as when working with younger singles. But I see the gratitude of the older singles and their parents who realize that I care and put in the effort for them. This is what keeps them going — that people actually want to help them — and their appreciation helps keep me going, too.

Thank you so much for your efforts! Our singles are waiting for our help!

I BH have made 9 successful shidduchim and they are happily married due to Hashem’s miraculous work. It is such a fantastic feeling when two people find each other and decide to get married. You get so much nachas that you feel like matching more people up. Keep thinking of shidduchim and never stop you are zoche to be involved in Hashem’s work.

Having been an older single is the impetus for suggesting shidduchim

I just suggested a girl that my son dated and wasn’t right for him to an amazing young man who is more suited to her.

I have been setting people up for over 20 years and although close many times, i have never made a shidduch. I ask Hashem for siyaata dishmaya li illuy nishmas yisrael and elisheva to be matzliach.

I’m not a shadchan but due to your wonderful initiative I was inspired to try!

I was so heartbroken by the news of this tragedy. Without knowing about this initiative, I suggested a shidduch for a couple and hope that in the merit of their memories, it should be successful. BP

Been setting up people for a while and haven’t yet made a shidduch, but will iyH keep going strong li’iyluy nishmasam!

Boy 26 girl 25 en od melvado it should be matzliach many more to come!

Redt 2 shidduchim 1 going out 3 rd time one waiting for yes! Hashem should give you all koach!!! Sarala

Boy 29 Girl 25. I always wanted to make a shidduch but life has been so busy lately. This pushed me to make a few suggestions!

This is my third time clicking ! Great initiative!

Girl almost 29 ,top professional job in Israel,needs top professional in Israel. Someome I know has 3 boys in mind. Just sent her the girls info to send to 3 possible ideas. Only need one!

I suggested a boy for a friend of mine’s daughter.


I was talking to Itty (Yisroel’s sister) this morning. I was telling her how after seeing the emunah of her family I truly believe mashiach can still come before her wedding tonight. She responded that her family alone can’t bring mashiach; we need all of klal yisroel. Maybe if we all look out for eachother today, we can still bring mashiach before her wedding tonight and Yisroel, Elisheva and Ari will be there too.

First date tonight iyh should go well !
B-25 G -21

Wow this is beautiful!

My couple just got engaged!!

I just called a stranger to suggest a shidduch.🙈
He was suggested to a friend of mine. She didn’t think it was for her, but she thought of a mutual friend of ours. She sent me his resume, and asked me to suggest it. It looked like a good idea… It was totally out of my comfort zone, but this initiative gave me the push. I called. I am glad I did. He sounded really nice… Will try to keep you posted!😃

I suggested a shidduch because of this project and Baruch Hashem I got engaged 4 days ago!!!
R.B 20 (girl) to S.G 23 (boy).
Thank you for this opportunity.

You’d be delighted to hear that based on the feedback a great percentage of suggestions made through the 10K project are to singles in their mid-twenties and above. (It definitely gave everyone involved a boost!)
As you alluded to as well, it’s beautiful to see how many people who are looking for their own zivug have put their hearts toward thinking of ideas for others! (Of course, if someone if having trouble getting such suggestions redt in a most appropriate way… please feel free to reach out!)

Such an amazing, beautiful idea. Thank you! I would like to remind everyone to not ONLY think of shidduchim for young people in their 20s. Older singles of EVERY age are often quite forgotten. I am a baales teshuva of 25 years, have lived a frum life in a vibrant community, and never found my zivug. If you have an older aunt, uncle, single parent, single older friend or person in your shul or community, remember them as well. Even those too old for children still dream of making a Jewish home with a wonderful life companion. Hatzlacha and bracha to all!

I haven’t had much experience or success in making shidduchim, but I recently tried! Iyh their first date is tomorrow! I asked HaShem for Siyata Dishmaya in any of my shidduch ideas as a zchus for the niftarim and their families. What a beautiful initiative!

I heard Yisroel’s ז“ל father give such a beautiful hesped about the afikoman, and how he wanted from Hashem shidduchim and refuah shelama and I am honored to be a part of the zchus of the memory of this beautiful couple.

Kol hakavod! Welcome on board!

Desperate to start suggesting going to start now in zechus of this.

If you see this comment pls learn one mishna leyulai nishmasom, i know this isnt the point of this site but i feel like we should do all we can and what a zchus itll be!
-good friend of Yisroel’s who needs moshiach asap

A girl wrote in that this project gave her such a perspective. She got engaged just recently and is attributing her engagement largely to this project! BeH continued simchas to come!

Hakodosh Boruch Hu, who is our Father in Heaven, heard the pleas of an earthly father begging Him to help others at a time when he was consumed with genuine grief. Shamayim is opening its gates now to release the flood of brochos that R’ Sheya requested for shidduchim, refuos, and Emunah. We have to do our part now. We have to open our hearts and minds and allow the brochos to flow into our homes. We have to listen to shidduch suggestions with a positive mind and find reasons to say YES! Elisheva and Yisroel A’H are watching. We can’t disappoint them!

Incredible!! so grateful to see this website up and running. I have an idea. I am not a shadchan, but I try to redt shidduchim, I have an action partner. Everyday we touch base and try to take 1 action for shidduchim, whether it is inquiring if someones’ child is dating, obtaining a resume or making a phone call. I find with an action partner it makes you more focused on taking the steps needed to bring a shidduch to fruition. We have been zocheh to make a few (not enough) shidduchim, but the point is we keep on trying to think of something and moving things forward… I’m sharing this idea in the hopes that more shidduchim will occur…. Incidentally I have heard of so many dates going out over the last few weeks, that i feel certain, that Rabbi Levins beautiful words are already being mekaim!!

As a shy person, it’s always been a little hard for me to suggest a shidduch. This initiative gave me the push to finally put my ideas into action and I’ve since redt 3 shidduchim, one of which is heading towards a first date!

I am one who is a little bit afraid that people would be insulted when I redt shidduchim, that maybe it was not good enough for them… I also sometimes think, “How do i know if this will work”. This project pushed me to start redting more shidduchim, and instead ask “How do i know this will not work?”
I just redt one that did not turn into a first date, but I did not get down, and looking forward to redting more!

I just wanted to let you know that Boruch Hashem, the shidduch I suggested got engaged. May we have many more, and may it be a zechus!
The shidduch was for my sister. As soon as I heard about this project, I really wanted to try to make suggestions. I have tried in the past, but I never even really got anyone to date. I know some of the Levin siblings, and I really wanted to do something as a zechus. The way this shidduch happened was that my good friend was asking me if I know anyone for her brother in law, and from what she said about him, it sounded like a good match for my sister. We both felt funny suggesting it, since I didn’t know they boy and she didn’t know the girl, but we pushed ourselves to suggest it to both sides, and now, Boruch Hashem, they are engaged. The project definitely did inspire me, and now I am inspired to keep on working on suggestions…..we can’t run the world, but we can try to do our part to help the klal.

Thanks for this beautiful project!

I have a modest fashion blog that connects hundreds of girls and after going to the levayah I decided to make a change and be more proactive in shidduchim.

I let my readers know to email me their resumes to and I had an idea for one of the girls who sent their resumes! They started dating and got engaged last week!

They know their shidduch was made in memory of Yisroel and Elisheva and they will always remember them and their families!

If you are a parent reading this, think of all the nachas and joy you get from your children. if you are a grandparent reading this, think of all the nachas and joy you get from your grandchildren. Now think of all those out there who have not yet experienced this nachas and joy. Don’t be selfish and only think of yourself – do your best to redt shidduchim for others so, b’ezras Hashem, they too can experience this. I can almost guarantee that Hashem will surely reward you with even more nachas and joy.

Basically I met a really nice boy at my cousin’s house and a few weeks later my sister had a friend over. I felt like there was potential for this to work based on certain character traits and interest. A day later I set it up, bh I am happy to say they are going on date #7 now!!! Iyh it should be with hatzlocha!!! May we all find our bashert with hashems help in the right time and place. Remember you never know where or who it comes from so always be your best!

bracha viHatzlacha!

I was talking to a friend recently who expressed her frustration after redting a number of shidduchim that didn’t lead to an engagement. I was later talking to a girl after she returned from yet another frustrating date. Then I thought about it and came to a conclusion: if you’re feeling burnt out from redting shidduchim… Just think how the single feels. They keep dating despite the number of dates that didn’t pan out; please don’t let your burn out stop you from taking time out and thinking of shidduch ideas! Each suggestion is adding up before the kisay hakavod regardless of the outcome!

There definitely is siyata d’Shmaya going on here! I see that more than 10% of ideas suggested end up getting to a first date. And about 1 out of every 30 first dates gets to an engagement, baruch Hashem! I think those are amazing statistics, based on my experience as a shadchan for many years. Let’s keep going

When this shidduch initiative began, I was extremely inspired to begin redting shidduchim. Although none have my ideas have gotten engaged so far, I cannot even begin to describe the heartfelt thank yous I receive whenever I make a suggestion. Anyone who feels that it’s not worth it to redt shidduchim because it most probably won’t work out is mistaken. People feel so much hakaros hatov and happiness for the suggestions that are made and for that alone it’s worth it. I urge everyone to try and think of shidduchim. It’s an incredible zechus and it provides happiness to the singles and their families to know that they are being thought about. Go for it! You definitely won’t lose out.

I would like to share that I’ve heard of SO SO many people that got engaged recently who are in their thirties and forties! It’s insane!! I hear of a new older shidduch, maybe about once a week! I could only imagine that it’s connected to R’ Levin’s speech.
Tizku LImitzvos, and may we keep spreading simchos in Klal Yisroel!

I saw a man’s resume on Ezer K.Negdo and suggested a friend of my daughter to him. Both are divorced with children. She was willing to have him call, he was willing to look at the resume. I haven’t done this before. I said out loud. “I am suggesting this shidduch l’ilui nishmas Yisroel and Elisheva” before I called.
LH, New Jersey

Once this initiative began, I couldn’t seem to shrug off the feeling that this initiative was a personal responsibility of each and everyone of us.

The problem was that being a single girl myself, I knew more girls then boys. Although this went completely against my nature and personality, I began networking at shabbos tables, weddings etc.

Each time I felt uncomfortable broaching the subject, I would have in mind that it was L’eloy Nishamas Elisheva and Yisroel. That gave me the extra push I needed to go out of my comfort zone and get things moving.

B’H, I currently have 3 pending shidduchim which look to be heading towards a first date. Might I mention, that for one, I had never met either boy nor girl, but having heard of both of them from friends/family it seemed to make sense. As for the second, I had “interrogated” my brother about each of the guys he knows, and after spending a short phone conversation with one of the boys he mentioned, it seemed to be applicable for a good friend of mine. The third, which just came about yesterday, a relative mentioned her friends son in passing over shabbos and after obtaining his resume, I suggested it to another friend of mine and it seems very promising!

Although this is all in the preliminary stages, I would have never had this drive to network had it not been for this initiative. I would like to give a big thanks to R ‘Levin and all those who got this started. This should be an Aliyah Neshama for both Elisheva and Yisroel and may we call have the zechus to establish Batay Yisroel.

Before your initiative, my 22 year old daughter was not getting many suggestions. This summer I was flooded with suggestions (not from professional shadchanim) and I credit your initiative for this. B”H she just became a kallah! I just redt 2 shidduchim myself to try and help others as well. Kol Hakovod to you. May this be a tremendous zechus for your family and and an aliyas neshama for your children.

I’ve realized that so many people I know who got engaged recently have been in shidduchim for 5+ years and it’s really amazing that after all these years, suddenly they’re moving on after R’ Levin’s bakasha at the Levaya:
– I’m 25 and two girls from seminary got engaged (we haven’t had sem engagements in months!)
– my brother’s 33 year old friend got engaged
– my friend’s 28 year old brother is engaged to a 28 year girl
– my other brother’s 30 year old friend got engaged
– a girl a year older than me (26) with a broken engagement is engaged now
– a 27 year old girl who was in high school with my sister got engaged

We can each do our part to add to the list!! Imagine how many more will get engaged when everyone is sitting and thinking and redting shidduchim!!
This should be an Aliyah Neshama for both Yisroel A”H and Elisheva A”H, a nechama to the Levin and Kaplan families and may we all have the zechus to establish Batay Yisroel!

I was inspired by the words of Rabbi Boruch Hirschfeld that he shared with us at the inaugural meeting that took place regarding the new shidduch initiative in Cleveland, OH. He explained to us that since the initiative began, there have been numerous engagements in our community . Although the engagements were not necessarily a direct result of the initiative, he suggested that the siyata d’shmaya that the community was seeing in the area of shidduchim was a result of the fact that people are doing hishtadlus. He said that “doing” brings brocha. Our responsibility is to try, reach out, make the phone call, and Hashem will send the siman brocha.

I saw a friend of mine post a status on watsapp of 10kbatayyisroel and was inspired to redt a shidduch even though I felt like who am I , I could be so off target, I figured I would try, thanks for the inspiration!

I’m a single girl in shidduchim and I try really hard to think of shidduchim for others. I just wanted to let everyone know that you really can’t imagine how much friends appreciate every suggestion. Some people are waiting anxiously to hear names, and they will so appreciate that you are thinking of them. Also since the intiative, so many times I almost didn’t redt a shidduch, was too embarrassed to call so and so, and I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to do it as a zechus for the couple. Although none got engaged, they were good tries and I still keep trying every day. If you think you have a good idea, Please keep trying!!!!! Don’t find reasons not to redt the shidduch, Your ideas can really get far!

Hi! I was the boardwalk today (chol hamoed pesach on the first yahrtzeit) when I was pulling up in the parking lot I got a phone call that a 36 year old single friend of mine became a kallah! We shrieked with excitement! Suddenly I remembered that I was in this exact spot last year when we heard the terrible news R”L!! Then I remembered what R’ Levin asked for his afikomin at the Levaya! Shidduchim for singles desp waiting ther yeshua! Well I know of 4 real older singles – the ones you think are never going to get married- that got engaged over this year with the 4th happening today! I fully believe it is in this special couples zchus!! May they continue showering us with zechusim and simchos in ther merit! Continued simchos!

A engagement of a couple in their mid thirties on the yarhzeit. Unbelievable!

It is amazing and inspiring to hear all these stories. Thank You!

I was really moved when I heard the tragic story of Yisroel & Elisheva A”H. I felt I had to do something. I constantly think of shidduchim but I don’t do much about it. After reading all stories I was so inspired and right away redt at least 10 shidduchim. SO far non of them worked out, however they were all seriously considered. If not for 10k BY I would never open my mouth and redt shidduchim. Before I made my calls, the biggest push was it should be an Aliya for Yisroel & Elishava. Another point that moves me forward is that I recently read that is says that even if a shidduch you propose doesn’t work out, it brings the real and bashert closer. So why not redt more to bring more of klal yisroel together???

Thank you for your inspiring event. This afternoon I texted a Shidduch suggestion to the boy’s side but did not receive a response. After listening to your speech tonight, I decided to put in more effort and call the boy’s side. Before calling the boy’s side I decided to reach out to the girl herself so that I can run it by her and get more details. She told me that she is presently looking into something else and I should hold off with redting the Shidduch for at least a week. She was very touched that I was thinking of her. Even though my efforts did not bring a date to immediate fruition, I feeling like I did Hashem’s Will by caring about a fellow Yid. Thank you for giving us this awareness.

On Simchas Torah My best friends mother saw a boy over the mechitza, and thought I should go out with him. Normally i would think that’s weird- and not go out, but i really trust and respect my friends mothers intuition, so she found out who the boy was, and we ended up going out. After a few dates i realized he wasn’t what i was looking for, but immediately i thought he’s the type for a friend of mine, (until then Iv’e never had a shidduch idea before). I suggested it to his rabbi, and B”H they are getting married on Lag Baomer!!

If you have an idea for a shidduch that pops into your head- suggest it! you never know how it will turn out, and you might have the zechus of taking a part in building a future home!

לעילוי נשמת ישראל ואלישבע ע”ה

First of all I am truly grateful to be part of such a special am hanivchar. I want to also testify that this past year a lot of older singles who have been waiting around for 5,6,7,8 years have finally gotten engaged. It may not be directly related to this site or initiative, but maybe because klal Yisroel is pounding on rachamei shamayim with their tefilla and histadlus. There are so many girls and boys who are still waiting, and this is a great outlet for all of us to help out and help them find their way. Some girls and boys are not only waiting to find their zivugim but simply waiting and waiting for dates. HK”BH should bless this initiative with much hatzlacha and siyata dishmaya. P.S. I can name more than 7 or 8 older singles that have BH become engaged out of nowhere after sitting around for such a long time.

Thank you.

We are a small group of women & girls who say tehillim monthly for a specific list of singles from our family & close friends. After going to the 10K Batay Yisroel beautiful event, we were inspired to start a 10K Batay Yisroel texting group, lilui nishmas Yisroel & Elisheva, with the resumes of the singles who we are davening for. We are hoping that along with the davening, we will be able to think of shidduchim for them, too.

Hashem should continue to give this beautiful initative hatzlacha, and build many more Batay Yisroel b’karov!

I always see your ads, to just redt a shidduch! Even though i sometimes dont know the boy or girl personally, i decided to be brave, and just take the courage to call up a side and redt it. I decided even if it doesn’t work out, everyone still feels so good someone is thinking of them, so even if im not 100 percent sure its a shidduch, i will redt it (you see these couples that are total opposites, that you would never think can be paired up!) I just redt 4 shidduchim, and one set is going out, another one is seriously looking into the girl. I do this as an aliyas neshoma for Yisroel and Elisheva, and also this is a big mitzva

To all those out there who think they aren’t qualified to redt: it turns out that it ain’t all that hard to hang out a shadchan shingle:). I am a young, regular Bais Yaakov girl. I had always redt shidduchim when a good idea came to mind for a friend or neighbor. During the past year, though, thanks to this initiative, I began proactively searching for ideas instead of waiting for them to cross my path. I’d ask my friends during conversation if they knew any guys or girls on the market. I’d ask my mom’s friends what their children are looking for. I even called some parents of random singles I’d learned about, to find out more and suggest ideas. It didn’t take too long for people to begin calling me on their own to present new singles and see if I knew anyone; by now I’ve even gotten calls from people I don’t know. Although I didn’t yet have the zechus to make a shidduch (my current success rate is a couple of dates, a number of one-sided yes’s, and a bunch of ideas which the parties thought were really on target but didn’t work out for one reason or another), it is amazing to see how we can make an actual difference in people’s lives, or at least make them happy for a day!!, with such minimal input. I look forward to seeing it result one day IYH in maximum output.

Hello! First off kudos to this amazing organization!! You have a tremendous z’chus! Constantly seeing your ads and watching the # of engagement, dates and suggestions increasing gave me the push and drive to redt a shidduch!! As of now the girl is interested and we are waiting to hear from the boy!! I would never believe I can be up to this stage! I always suggest, but nothing comes into fruition I must admit, I am working on this for 3 months (!) already. Thanks 10K!!

Dear Rabbi Levin,
Thank you for your powerful words of chizuk!
I was at your event a few weeks ago in The Chynka Hall. I was deeply moved by your message and those of the rest of the speakers. I went home with a firm commitment to start Redding shidduchim again (I successfully finished a few shidduchim BH).
But as the time went by, I got busy with life and slowly, nearly forgot my commitment…
And then I arrived at the bungalow colony. From day one it hit me, that out of the 48 families I’m with, 3 recently did shidduchim but 21 families have children that still need shidduchim! Some have multiple children waiting!
And so.. remembering my promise, I threw myself into shidduchim full force. I daven for siyata dShmaya to have the zchus to finish many bshah Tova! I’m actually in the midst of Redding one tonight. Halevai veiter!
I feel quite confident that Yisroel and Elisheva will surely shtadel up there on behalf of any shidduch Redt in their zchus!
May we be zoche to have a hand in helping yiddishe kinderlach build their Batay Yisroel, until the final brick in the everlasting Bais Yisroel will be built beyameinu, Amein!

I posted an a shidduch I made on May 4th on the 10K website. I wrote the story of how I made my best friend’s shidduch with my cousin’s brother-in-law.

Following the shidduch I made for her, she and her mother desperately wanted to pay me back and make my shidduch in return. To make a long story short, they thought I would be a great idea for a neighbor on their block. They redt it to their neighbor and they gave me a yes.
The rest is history!
Baruch Hashem I got engaged on Friday.

It’s just amazing to see how Hashem paid me back for making my friend’s shidduch— she went on to make mine!! mitzvah gorreres mitzvah!!
Thank you for the part 10K Batay Yisroel had in these wonderful shidduchim.

May they be a zchus for the aliyos of the neshamos.

I posted an a shidduch I made on May 4th on the 10K website. I wrote the story of how I made my best friend’s shidduch with my cousin’s brother-in-law.

Following the shidduch I made for her, she and her mother desperately wanted to pay me back and make my shidduch in return. To make a long story short, they thought I would be a great idea for a neighbor on their block. They redt it to their neighbor and they gave me a yes.
The rest is history!
Baruch Hashem I got engaged on Friday.

It’s just amazing to see how Hashem paid me back for making my friend’s shidduch— she went on to make mine!! mitzvah gorreres mitzvah!!
Thank you for the part 10K Batay Yisroel had in these wonderful shidduchim.

May they be a zchus for the aliyos of the neshamos.

I was watching the video clip about your 10K event a few weeks ago and realized that I can try to help out by organizing a shidduch meeting in my neighborhood. B”h we just hosted our first (of I hope many more) meeting with about 15 women in our neighborhood in Yerushalayim and we are following up with different suggestions that were made. I am so appreciative of the inspiration I received from you, it gave me the idea (I never went to or organized a shidduch meeting before!) and motivation to help klal yisroel. THANK YOU!

I am a single girl in shidduchim and I often network with friends for shidduch ideas for others. I BH have one date going out, and another the boy that gave a yes, and we are awaiting a response from the girl. It was totally out of my comfort zone to redt these shidduchim, and i pushed myself to call up the boys mothers and even shadchanim to be the go between. I had in mind that it should be a zechus for Yisroel and Elisheva A’H when i pushed myself to make the phone call. I just want everyone to know that you really can network and think of ideas, even when you don’t know one side well. With Hashem’s help, it happens so often that i hear a basic description about a boy, and think of of a girl, and they already dated. The shidduch world is very small! I love this initiative and I am so passionate about it, ideas really can go far! I will iyH keeping logging my suggestions. I am waiting for the day that i get to log a Shidduch engagement iyH.

Kol Hakavod to everyone here!
I’m in the process of trying to redt a shiduch. May my effort be a zechus for the neshamos of Yisroel and Elisheva.
Tizku l’mitzvos

Kol Hakavod! Such a beautiful project and such a zechus for the neshamos of Yisroel and Elisheva.
I made 3 suggestions today may it be an ilui for their neshoma.

10k has really motivated me and my family to try and think of and redd shidduchim.
B”H I have a 20 year old daughter in shidduchim, she makes great efforts to think of shidduchim. It could be for a boy she was redd to that was not for her or a boy she dated . B”h this past two weeks she thought of two shidduchim which we redd. Both said yes b”h, and are going out. This week my daughter was redd 3 shidduchim b”h. I don’t believe that anything is random , I think hashem was saying something loud and clear. Everyone in shidduchim or anyone that has kids in shidduchim , use the networking and calls that you are making not only for your own children. If someone is not for you or your child , use what you found out to help them find their shidduch

10k Batay Yisroel has really inspired me to start suggesting. What pushed me was hearing about Yisroel and Elisheva, learning how you don’t need to be an experienced shadchan to make a suggestion, and realising that I could do something that would be a zechus for them.
It’s very much out of my comfort zone, because I am a single girl who doesn’t really know any boys. But now I network anyhow, and ask people about boys they know and tell them about girls I know, and you never know what can come of that!
Just last night I made another suggestion liliuy nishmasam and now I’m about to go make some phone calls to find out if a different family I’m trying to suggest a shiduch for, is matim for a family I already know. Out of my comfort zone entirely! But worth it.
Tizku L’mitzvos!

What pushed me to start redting shiduchim was hearing about Yisroel and Elisheva, learning how you don’t need to be an experienced shadchan to make a suggestion, and realising that I could do something that would be a zechus for them.
It’s very much out of my comfort zone, because I’m a single girl who doesn’t really know any boys. But now I network anyhow, and ask people about boys they know and tell them about girls I know, and you never know what can come of that!
Just last night I made another suggestion liliuy nishmasam and now I’m about to go make some phone calls to find out if a different family I’m trying to suggest a shiduch for, is matim for a family I already know. Out of my comfort zone entirely! But most definitely worth it. It should be a zechus for their neshamos.
Tizku L’mitzvos!

I live in Israel and have been following 10K Batayyisroel. I am so inspired by the enthusiasm and motivation of so many who have suggested shiduchim to reach the goals of this amazing website in memory of Yisroel and Elisheva z”l.
At our Shabbos table today we had a number of older single guests.While sitting at the Shabbos table i thought that 2 of our guests may have potential.
After shabbos i started to work on it… I don’t think i would of suggested this potential shiduch if i have not been following the Batayyisroel website that iinspires me.
I would be happy to meet others living in Israel who are motivated in assisting Klal Yisroel in such an important Mitzvah.
0547211968 Shavua Tov

Whew! I was just telling someone recently that I haven’t been able to get a shidduch to first base in over two months, and I was frustrated! I kept seeing the emails from 10K, and I thought OK Hashem, You are in charge.
And then the call came. I suggested this shidduch in August and forgot about it. Suddenly, Mrs. E. called to tell me how she noticed that I keep suggesting girls of exceptional caliber, and she liked the information she got on TR.
I don’t know her son, and I don’t know the girl. The boy’s brother married an outstanding student of mine, so I try to suggest girls of caliber equal to my former student. I don’t know the girl’s parents or the girl, but I was zoche to be the shadchan about five years ago for the girl’s aunt. THAT shidduch was what I call my first email shidduch. I almost never spoke to anyone during the dating time. I knew the parents a little, and I met the choson at his lechayim. I saw Yad Hashem all the way through.
This new shidduch sounds hopeful. Halevai.
With Siyata dishmaya, we will build homes in klal Yisroel. Homes of Respect. Homes of Kedusha. Homes of Dignity.

Thank you so much!! Btw I’m a bochur in shidduchim and knowing what 10k does gives me chizuk every day. I see personally how much we need everyone to redt shidduchim. Every 6 months more bochurim go into shidduchim and every 6 months more people don’t become professional shadchanim. Because of this organization every girl I went out with that didn’t work out for me, I redt to guys I know. I didn’t get any dates yet but I don’t give up because #10knevergivesup!!! I think it would help if it would become a thing everyone does. If only I had money I would give it to you guys for advertisement and to spread your message.

I am a girl in shidduchim for quite a few years now. It is a tough ride. Sometimes I wondered if people were forgetting about me or maybe ignoring me. Could it be that besides my family maybe no one feels my pain or truly cares? Then 10K Batay Yisroel came into the picture. I recall seeing the ads every so often. I did not know exactly what they were about but those ads were like sparks of light, glimmers of hope for me. Recently I got a chance to check out the website and it blew me away. I feel like somebody cares and understands me. I read up about Yisroel and Elisheva z”l and it really tore my heart. Yisroel’s rock solid Bitachon, love for others, Elisheva’s pure middos. Although I did not know them they taught me so much. I signed up for the e-mails and suggested a shidduch that I had thought of a few weeks before but this gave me the courage to actually work on it. I hope and pray that if it is meant to be Hashem will push it through. I was extremely touched by R’ Levins speeches. Now I realize that someone cares and feels my pain. Even amidst such a devastating loss. My whole outlook on Shidduchim has changed.
Like R’ Levin says, I will try to make my shidduch and connection with Hashem stronger and hopefully He will send me someone “even better than I expected”.
I pray that my efforts and inspiration should be an Aliyah for their pure Neshamos Amen.
Thank you so much 10K Batay Yisroel.

Thank you for organizing this amazing shidduch meeting! I have never participated in such a well-run shidduch meeting as this one. Ms. Elbogen was so respectful and courteous to everyone, while keeping things moving along. Also the notetaker did a fabulous job. Kol havod!

I hope that many shidduchim will be redt as a result of this meeting, and IYH many marriages as well.

I have an idea from the meeting, and will continue to work on others as well. IYH


I just wanted to write and commend you and this organization on an amazing idea whose time has truly come. I have struggling with shadchanim for the past 4 years and its been the most frustrating experience. The other night on this zoom meeting I felt so refreshed! This idea is amazing and needs to be much more wide spread!! Hearing directly from people about people they know and care about is a totally different experience! We were exposed to people from different communities and places. It increased the exposure to other potential matches by so so much!
I would only ask that it happen more often and on a rotating basis so that we can keep seeking in different groups. Let me know if u need any volunteers . I am from the Syrian community in Brooklyn and I would love to see how it would be received here.


My son has not found his bashert yet. In the mean time, he has really put his mind to other people’s shidduchim and has redt (through me) girls he’s dated to others from his Yeshiva. We’ll keep you informed.

I am a regular Bais Yaakov girl who does not know many boys, knows tons of girls, and knows that most boys’ mothers are turned off at the thought of a young shadchan. Nevertheless I network with friends, neighbors, and coworkers and then go through the whole process of getting thru to a shadchan who the boy’s mother will listen to. They in turn come up with the usual: he’s looking into a bunch of things, she’s the same age as him…. I remember R Levin’s messages and don’t give up! I am world’s biggest nudge and call them back each week to nudge the guy. Sometimes this means getting another person to suggest it also. Eventually with siyata dshmaya, a few couples went out and I excitedly logged them on the website:):) one couple is currently going out. Even if it doesn’t work out, the girls feel so supported that someone sweated it out for them. Point is: Don’t suggest and then mark it off as”done”. Keep at it!!! Even for months! And boys’ mothers: Do some research on every thoughtful suggestion and let your sons go out if it sounds in the ballpark.

This is a fabulous organization BH! I try my hardest to redt shidduchim even though it is not my strength. I feel such a responsibility to amass zechusim for the Levin boys and at times I feel stuck. Recently I was at the Kever of the Ribnitzer Rebbe-i usually bring my own Siddur but this time I forgot and had to borrow one from the shelf. I opened to the first page and the letter there caught my eye. It was a letter dedicating that specific Siddur to Ari Levin a”h. It was min hashamayim! Hashem knows how much I want to do for them and provided me with an easy opportunity to give them more zechusim. Hashem should protect the Levin and Kaplan families and the Neshamos of their children should only soar higher in shamayim

Even though it’s uncomfortable to suggest someone, that’s just a thought that popped into my mind, I’m doing it for Yisroel and Eli – and for Klal Yisroel.

I had this idea a while ago but this made me pick up the phone and call today. Iyh, hope it will be the suggestion that leads to a shiddich. Hatzlocha. May Hashem grant a Nechama to the family.

Made a shidduch suggestion Lilu Nishmas

Beautiful! After seeing this, we sat as a family and brain stormed. We just redt a shidduch and it’s looking good!

This is a beautiful initiative, the least we can do for the niftarim, their families and the Klal. I sat today for an hour and thought of six good ideas which I just redt.

Such a wonderful idea! iyH this should give the neshomas an aliyah!

I listened to R. Shaya’s hesped this morning, and then picked up the phone and suggested a shidduch that had been on my mind for a while but that I had never gotten around to actually suggesting. Whether or not it works, it gives chizuk to people in the parsha to get phone calls. Surely a zechus for the niftarim and their families.

Thank you for the incredible zchus

Great initiative! I just red a shidduch iyH in the zchus of these beautiful neshamos it will be matzliach

Fantastic idea

Finally got “HIM” to go out with her this week after trying for about a month. Yay. IyH. I’ll keep you posted. -Leah from Yerushalayim

Boy is 31, Girl is 29. This is an amazing project! Yasher Koach!

BP to EB Leilui nishmas Yisroel and Elisheva Basya. Wow this is beautiful, mi keamcha Yisroel. Let’s do this!!!

I made 2 suggestions for 2 couples and they are going out next week in honour of עלוי נשמתם

This is so nice, Mi Kaamcha Yisroel.

Such a beautiful idea!

What an amazing Zechus!