Engagement #272
Hindy Kviat, May 30, 2023
Since this organization was started, I am redding shidduchim leiluy nishma Yisroel and Elisheva o"h. This project motivated me like nothing else. I found it awe-inspiring when I was zoche to have a shidduch  happen on the day of their yahrzeit. I know the trajectory of the shidduch (it took about a year) and that it happened on that day was Hashgocha protis.
Engagement #271
Shira Schwartz, May 30, 2023
The boy was in my husband's class and my husband bumped into him in a store while he was buying challah since he decided to last minute stay in Monsey for shabbas. I sent my husband to the store to get some plastic cups and last minute cutlery for the event and my husband bumped into him. When my husband bumped into him, they schmoozed and caught up and he invited him to the Upsheirin. The boy showed up and I introduced him to a friend of mine who has a single friend. She set them up and they went out for a year and just got married last week!!! Because of this initiative, since it began, I was inspired to help make shidduchim. I try to chap any idea I have and try to redt it even though it may not be a perfect idea because you never know. Since the initiative we redt multiple shidduchim, a few first dates and bH and 2nd shidduch came from this 10k batei Yisroel. My husband and I were so pained about this beautiful couple and my husband and I took on the project to look out for others and build up the guts to set people up. It should be a zechus. Thank you for the opportunity and inspiration
Engagement #267
Audelia Dhery, March 29, 2023
Hello, I am very happy to announce to you a new engagement Leyluy Nishmas Yisroel and Elisheva bh.
It’s a very special one because I didn’t know either the boy, neither the girl.
I just saw the girl once, and a friend of mine told me if I knew someone for her.
And then, this boy called me and I thought as if looked like her when he spoke so I suggested and BH they just go engaged this week.
I am sure it’s by the zchus of ysroel and elicheva!!
Girl 22-23, Paris and boy 24 Paris.
May we continue to share many Smachos
Engagement #266
Miriam Koval, March 14, 2023
Bh I was zoche to make another shidduch. The chosson and kallah are both friends of our family that we’ve known since they were children.  It’s an extra simcha when the engagement is someone from our community and I feel super grateful that both chosson and kallah are from Cleveland and we watched them grow up. Inspired me to get back into making shidduchim
Engagement #262
Aviva Rowe, February 28, 2023
BH I’m delighted to  put two Shidduchim on 10K Batay Yisroel. One yesterday and one today Making a shidduch is a true labour of love (Forgive the pun!) and absolute krias Yam Suf. Logging all the suggestions and first dates actually validates the many hours, time and effort a Shadchan puts in. It makes one realise that no suggestion or first date goes to waste and it is all part of a bigger picture. As it takes a myriad of suggestions and first dates to get to engagement. For me, there is almost nothing as meaningful and exhilarating as being zocheh to make a shidduch. It gives my whole week an extra dimensional joy and buzz. (My family will testify!) Families Levin and Kaplan are a constant source of inspiration to myself and Klal Yisroel and I feel privileged to be a part of this project. May the pure neshamahs of Yisrael and Elisheva continue to Schepp much nachas in shomayim as they see the many beautiful Batay Neeman being built in Klal Yisrael.
Engagement #259
Dasi Goldsmith, February 24, 2023
Baruch Hashem, with Hashem’s help, I just made another shidduch between a 30 year old young lady and a 27 year old young man! ! How exciting it was to be at the l’chaim this evening and participate in this beautiful simcha! It certainly gives me chizuk to keep going in this most important mitzvah of shidduchim!
Engagement #254
Aviva Rowe, February 06, 2023
Over a year ago, my friend, Rebbetzin Aviva Zobin told me about an excellent dating mentor – Rebbetzin Rochel Goldbaum. Curious to hear Rochel, I got hold of her wonderful PA, Kathy Kaufman. Kathy directed me to 10K Batay Yisrroel, where I could request to hear Rochel Goldbaum’s talks. I was blown away by Rachel’s talks. (Shortly after, I signed up as the first British participant on Rochel’s mentoring course) Coming from the U.K., I had never heard of 10K Batay Yisroel. I was simultaneously blown away by Elisheva and Yisroel’s families. How they turned bitter tears into triumph and terrible adversity into building the future of Klal Yisroel. Their positivity, foresight, Emunah and Ahavas Yisroel were palpable and I felt that I wanted to be a part of this amazing initiative too. For the past months I have been logging my suggestions, and first dates on the website. (Please note the London / U.K.  logged on the site!:-))BH this is the third engagement I have had the zechus  to log on 10K Batay Yisroel. I hope to be zoche to be the shaliach of many more engagements in Klal Yisroel. IYH the pure neshamahs of Yisroel and Elisheva should have an aliya and continue to schep much nachas in Shomayim.
Engagement #253
Audelia Dhery, January 12, 2023
I am very happy to announce you the engagement of a new couple that I logged a few months ago. I just wanted to add an incredible thing I noticed that when I make a suggestion, every time I think of logging it in 10K, the shidduch works BH. I was very inspired when I heard about 10K a few years ago, and I think it’s so important to motivate people and to tell them that EVERYONE can be a shadhan and not only offical shadhanim. Since I know 10K, I am trying as far as I can to share this wonderful initiative with friends and family in France. I’ve been also inspired a lot by the song Afikomen. I wanted to say again a huge chazak for this great initiative. By the zchus of Ysroel and Elisheva always, May we always be more and more inspired to make beautiful shidduchims in klal yisroel
Engagement #252
M. Gross, December 15, 2022
With 10,000 shidduchim ringing in my ears from the levaya, I feel its an obligation to bring this to fruition! Bh I was zoche to be Hashems partner in  bringing together an under the radar shidduch, a shidduch without too many people advocating for them.
Engagement #251
Dasi Goldsmith, December 07, 2022
Baruch Hashem, after four long years of a dry spell – with Hashem’s help I just made another shidduch … for two 36-year-olds (never married)! Someone dubbed me “The Shadchan who never gives up!” I hope my success story will give chizuk to others out there to never give up, keep trying — because you never know when the next suggestion will be the one that works! My suggestions have been posted on this site since its beginning. I was waiting for the day, with Hashem’s help, to finally post an engagement, and baruch Hashem, now I can!
Engagement #248
Nummy Skaist, November 01, 2022
I was redt to a boy, he wasn’t what I was looking for so I said no. But when I was finding out information about him, I thought, “wow. He’s a great guy. I wonder if I have anyone for him.” Later that night, on old friend texted me. We haven’t been in touch that much that I would think of her on the spot but because she texted me that night I asked her to send me her resume saying, “I have a long shot….” Turns out it was basheret and bh they are engaged. 4 weeks after their Lchaim, I celebrated Mine! This initiative has been something that gave me so much chizuk throughout the dating process.  I have always tried re-redting the boys I went out with to other girls. I never got a couple to go out though and it was extremely disheartening to keep trying and putting myself out there. Bh I was chosen to be a shaliach for this one and I am so grateful! The song afikomen is one that I listen to on repeat….i have always been inspired by it and now I feel like I can take a small part in this incredible initiative and I am not going to stop here!
Engagement #247
Anonymous, October 21, 2022
As a single girl in shidduchim, I remember how much chizzuk I used to get from all the amazing speeches 10k Batay Yisroel had. I remember how good it felt to get phone calls from people thinking of me and suggesting different ideas.
When I became a kallah, I remember the amazing feeling it felt to be done with shidduchim and to finally have my dream come true. I remembered thinking that I will do whatever I can to help my friends and anyone who needs a shidduch to get to the same stage.I decided to start logging all my redts on 10k Batay Yisroel, as a zechus for them as they gave me tremendous Chizuk.
I had a close seminary friend of mine, who I got together with one night. She was asking me if I had any ideas for her after she discussed with me what she was looking for. I told her that I will try to think of an idea. The next day at work, one of my workmates mentioned something about a date he was going on which made me realize that he wasn’t married. After asking him what he is looking for, I told him I will keep him in mind.
About a week later, I was driving and the idea just popped in my head- my co-worker for my friend from seminary. The next day at work, I told the boy about my idea. He said it sounded good and will have his mother look into it. I then logged it on 10k batay yisroel thinking that it should be a zechus for everyone to have clarity.
After redting it, I decided to call someone who knew both sides and asked her what she thought of the shidduch idea. Surprisingly, she told me it was not a good idea at all and she just doesn’t see it. I decided that I had an obligation towards helping my friend, so I continued to push the idea regardless.
A few weeks later I got a yes from both sides.
The siyata dishmaya that came after was truly amazing. Every date they went on just got better and better and really progressed so smoothly. After a few dates, they were both ready.
I feel so privileged that I had the zechus of being a shliach and making a shidduch, as well as being able to be part of such a special organization. It truly was a win- win for me!
Engagement #245
Anonymous, October 19, 2022
I’ve been spending countless hours on shidduchim for about 3 years. A lot of couples were going out as a result but nobody was getting engaged. I can’t claim that this is the reason as we don’t know Hashem’s cheshbonos. But as soon as I began dedicating shidduchim to the precious couple things started moving forward.
Engagement #244
Rochelle Weisfogel, October 09, 2022
My husband and I are friends with the Kaplan family and when the tragedy happened we were having a difficult time understanding how something like this could happen to such a wonderful family. I have been making shidduchim for 45 years and know how difficult it is to put two people together and make it a successful shidduch. I decided that from the time the tragedy happened from then on I would do matches in memory of Elisheva and Yisroel. It should not have to take a loss for people to think of matching singles. To me it is second nature. I look at a single and think who would match to this person? I have been on syas for 15 years and this gives me a chance to help my friends and other clients find dates and hopefully shidduchim. I am grateful to Hashem that my 4 children quadruplets found their zivugim so now it is time for payback and try to help others find their beshert. It also took a long time for me to find my own beshert and BH we just celebrated our 43 wedding anniversary. For all these reasons of Bracha I continue to facilitate matches with Hashem’s help.
Engagement #243
E.M., October 06, 2022
A Gutten Moed,
I can not explain enough how this wonderful organization is what has given me the drive to redt shidduchim. I used to think that success is measured by the outcome, yet I now know otherwise.
It is with all the insight , information, tips, tools and encouragement that 10K offers – this is what keeps me going. It is in the zechus of the Yisroel a”h and Elisheva a”h that was the catalyst of the birth of this organization , which has bought down so much good to the world!!!
Success in my eyes has been  redefined. It is about picking up the phone,  and letting someone know that they are being thought of. It is being kind and compassionate taking the other persons feelings into account, it is about gently guiding and trying to bring shidduchim to the finish line…..that is WHAT COUNTS! Actually bringing a shidduch to fruition is a matnas chinam from Hashem.
This shidduch came about in a roundabout way. An old acquaintance of mine reached out to me about a shidduch for her daughter. It got me thinking and realized she would be suited for a different friends son. I suggested  the shidduch, yet the boy was just starting out and it took a lot of persistence on my part to get the ball rolling….as he had many shidduch offers.  Due to the fact that it was my two friends kids I treaded with caution. There were two snags along the way, yet it was so clear to me that it is yad hashem, and that there is nothing that i can do to shake and move things along. I was compassionate to the sides during the “snags” and davened to hashem if it is bashert it should pass….B”h with the guidance of daas torah (and we as yidden never lose out when reaching out to our rabbanim)….the shidduch came to be!!!
Engagement #242
Miriam Solomon, October 02, 2022
I just wanted to let you know my first shidduch I redt during the “moving mountains” contest got engaged tonight. (I have others still dating).
I go to tribeca estates. We really were redting those shidduchim 🙂
Engagement #241
Anonymous, September 22, 2022
I am delighted to let you and Liba know that I was zoche to be a shadchan who saw a shidduch to fruition FINALLY.. after a  year of trying and trying since the last shidduch I was fortunate to be the shaliach for…
My last shidduch was August ’21 – #305 on my list that I keep since the 10K project was launched and I started to redt shidduchim for their aliyas neshama and record the shidduchim I suggested. The boy wasnt listening yet so I waited and then it took a while to get it off the ground. I was up to redting #661 when they got engaged!
This shidduch was #833 but it also took a little while to get it going and I am up to #896 now when it happened.
As I began to write this email, it struck me that this shidduch is so close to home. The boy’s mother is my close friend, and she is LIba’s too!
May this shidduch and every other one I redt be an aliyas neshoma for Yisroel and Elisheva o”h.
Engagement #240
Yehudis Markstein, Yerushalayim, September 03, 2022
I have been redting shidduchim for many years. I am not a professional shadchan, just someone that tried to help others, and have done a few shidduchim over the years.
I do recall clearly a point that I was very burned out with different challenges that arose in the shidduchim I was dealing with, and I kind of figured I will “call it a day” and move on with other forms of chessed.
It was at that point that when mentioning it to a family  member that I am leaving shidduchim to others, she introduced me to your outstanding organization!
I have gotten so many tips, chizuk, and halachic guidance over the last few years. It has given me the skills to chart the waters of this avodos hakodesh. I see each time I reach out to parents or singles themselves who are struggling in the parsha it gives them so much chizuk knowing they are being thought of.
10K has given me so much, the least I can do is to continue trying to help others.
The most integral lesson I have learned is I try to redt shidduchim but the outcome is not in my hands. I leave it to the ribbono shel olam. Bringing this last shidduch to completion really strengthened that belief. In addition I have learned not to get emotionally enmeshed in any shidduch I suggest, and if people are not always so nice when I deal with them its ok, they might be hurting.  I try to be kind to all and accept if they say its not for me, I don’t look to push my agenda onto others. I have learned so much sensitivity, halachos and tips, and have gotten so much chizuk from this forum.
I suggested a shidduch between two acquaintances of my children.
My friend called me after a few days that it is not the right type for her daughter. A few weeks later her uncle called me and said “you suggested a shidduch for my great-niece that was not for her yet my niece thinks it is a good idea for my daughter” So that is how I got introduced to this girl. That shidduch did not end up working out. Yet a short while later I thought of this other idea for her. And b”H straight from start they hit it off well. And the shidduch zipped to finish line so easily and smoothly, what a matnas chinam! It just showed me that when Hashem decides it is the right one, and it should go smoothly it does.
And I always keep in mind: I do my best by trying and leave the outcome to the One above.
Engagement #239
B.Z., September 02, 2022
I was talking on the phone with my good friend and she casually mentioned that she wonders what type of girl her brother would marry and I thought of another one of our mutual friends to her as an idea. She got a shadchan to redt it and they got engaged! It was such a good feeling to be part of making a shidduch and I hope I will be able to make many more shidduchim. I am cousins with the kaplan family and I read so many 10k stories on the website that it pushed me to mention an idea if I think it might work out.
Engagement #237
Sheri Goldman, August 28, 2022
My mother grew up with Elisheva Kaplan Z’L mom. Ever since the levaya, I took the initiative even though I am 25 and single. No pictures were shared before they went out.  BH they just got engaged! Such a Zechus to be apart of this shidduch. This should be an Aliyah Neshama for both Yisroel A”H and Elisheva A”H, a nechama to the Levin and Kaplan families. I started redting  shidduchim because of this!
Engagement #232
Anonymous, August 14, 2022
Yes had them in mind, of course.
Each shidduch made is another amazing hashgacha!
I was a little hesitant redting a shidduch idea I had because I didn’t want the other party to think I was redting them second class but I knew for various reasons it was a really good idea!  I thought I have nothing to lose and only what go gain perhaps so I ran the idea to the party that was ‘giving in’ first to see if they would even consider the idea.  After much thought they realized it was silly not to go ahead with the idea, bh  it  ended well…..was a match made in heaven!!!
Another idea I had for a while but for reasons I can’t get into they didn’t want to listen to the idea. Eventually I said this is rediculous,  I have to get in through a back door. I called their Rav and he was able to smooth things out and help them see the ‘light’. They are beyond ecstatic that things turned into a beautiful Mazel tov!!
Engagement #231
Miriam Koval, August 08, 2022
Mazel tov! I’m so happy to be able to share another 10k Batay yisroel engagement!  While every shidduch is super exciting, I find this shidduch especially meaningful for two reasons: Firstly, I try and make an extra effort for girls coming from Toronto, the city that I grew up in and Cleveland girls as well, the city that has become my home  and where  I am raising my family.  This couple is a Toronto/Cleveland couple. Secondly, this was another random encounter, where I met the girls mother in the parking lot outside the butcher shop and she asked me to meet her daughter. As we know, there is nothing random. The fact that I was leaving the butcher shop while she was coming in was clearly orchestrated from Above. Once again, I thank 10k Batay Yisroel for spreading the importance of  non-shadchanim looking out for our singles.
Engagement #228
Sari Solomon, July 26, 2022
I thought of the idea a while ago but I didn’t really know the girl so well and the boy was my husbands friend so I wasn’t so confident. But I decided to just go or it because what’s the worst that could happen? I can redt it and they would say no but at least I tried. So I reached out to a few people and redt the idea and both sides said yes! Because I’m young and not the closest friends with the girl I took a step back an let a Shadchan take over so that the boy and the girl would feel more comfortable. I kept on checking in with the progress every once in a while and then this week I got the amazing news that they were getting engaged! I am so excited for them! Since I was young it was my dream to make a shidduch and Hashem has helped me to fulfill that dream and be a small part in building another Bayis Neeman Biyisroel. The story of Elisheva and Yisroel impacted me greatly as I was a girl from TAG and knew the Kalplan family. This organization helped to push me to redt the ideas that I had thought of but was too nervous to actually redt. sometimes I was nervous because I didn’t want to be rejected for my idea and sometimes because it was just a gut feeling and not with so many real reasons. But I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and redt many shidduchim with many of them not even making it to the first date. Then this idea came along and I was by far the most uncomfortable resting it but I pushed myself and Baruch HaShem it paid off!
Engagement #223
Miriam Koval, June 01, 2022
I am delighted to share another 10k Batay Yiisroel engagement BH!  This shidduch has taught me the value of persistence. It has also showed me that when an idea comes your way, to act on it.  I am so grateful for the zchus to be the shaliach and so happy that I made that one original phone call that  someone had asked me to make.
Engagement #222
Anonymous, May 31, 2022
My oldest child was in shidduchim for a while, and I went online in search of chizuk. I came across the Batay yisroel website which gave me much chizuk.
It inspired me so much that I became determined to try to help other people find their zivugim too.
An acquaintance happened to tell me all about her daughter and what she was looking for in a husband, and another friend told me all about her son.
They sounded perfect for each other, so I called both sides to confirm that it sounded suitable to them too. It was, so I redt the shidduch!
BH it was a match, chosson and kallah are perfect for each other!
This is the first shidduch I made, Hashem guided me and put this idea in my head!  It feels like such a huge zchus to be Hashem’s sh’liach in bringing this chosson and kallah together!
  … and right around the time that I redt this shidduch, my own child got engaged BH!
It should be a zchus for an aliyah neshama for Yisroel and Elisheva a’h.
Engagement #217
A.E., May 15, 2022
I was very encouraged to make the phone call and suggest the shidduch after reading all the encouragement from 10k batay yisroel… that you don’t need to be an official shadchan to make a suggestion.. rather it’s  something anyone can do.. and we’re all responsible to try.
So without knowing if this idea might work… once it came onto my head, I right away made the call… and one step led to the next till they actually got engaged!
This organization is what gave me the push!
May Yisroel and Elisheva’s a”h neshamos have aliya from this new home started in klal yisroel..
Engagement #216
Miriam Koval, May 13, 2022
Mazel tov! I’m so  excited to be able to register another engagement with 10k Batay Yisroel. Bh!  Every shidduch comes along with its own story and extra dose of siyata d’shmaya and like always, this time the siyata d’shmaya was incredibly clear. Over Chanukah, my sisters and I teamed up and  joined the 10k shidduch contest. We worked really hard, yet did not see success from the particular shidduchim that we had redt over Chanukah. I believe that while this was not a Chanukah shidduch, part of the success is attributed to all the effort and time that we put into that initiative because our efforts are never in vain even if the results are not immediate or evident.
Engagement #211
A.A., May 09, 2022
I always thought after redting a shidduch I would be ecstatic, so proud of what I did, but I have to say, after this shidduch I felt none of that. I felt humbled. I feel like I was just the shaliach that Hashem chose to bring this couple together and I am so happy to witness it. I wanted to thank 10K. Your organization gave me the strength to keep on going when things got tough. I have been trying to help out and redt shidduchim for over 10 years and there were many times that I have been discouraged, 10k inspired me to keep on trying, and I am so happy I did. This shidduch that I made was not an easy one. I truly felt like Yisroel and Elisheva had a hand in making this shidduch happen.
Engagement #210
Anonymous, April 02, 2022
I’m not sure how I heard about this website but when I did find out about it, it hit something in my heart. It made me sad because of the circumstances that spurred this campagin but it also inspired me. Mi kamcha yesrol who rise up in the face of pain. Who try and make others happy when they themselves are suffering untold hurt. A Truly magnificent nation we are.
The one and only thing I learned from “making a shidduch” is that I dont make shidduchim Hakadosh Baruch Hu makes shidduchim.
It is clear as day that I may very much think it will work- she is deep and he is deep, she has brown hair and he has brown hair, she likes nice things oh he likes nice things, he wants to learn she wants him to learn! All the boxes can be checked off with big smiley faces… But If Hakadosh Baruch Hu “says” no. No is no. You can beg people to listen to u, u can give your pitch for hours, You can Find the perfect lounge with just the right amount of people and you can even offer to drive the couple to the date and pay for gas… but u cant make a shidduch work if it is just not meant to work. Hashem is in control and that is apparent when it comes to shidduchim.
That being said. I honestly did not put to much thought in my suggestion. It was kind of a shot in the dark. I didn’t spend hours comparing the potential couple seeing if they would click. I just forwarded a resume… and like they say the rest is history. Baruch Hashem I was bentched to be a shaliach for a very special zechus. I’m so very thankful and so very happy that I had this opportunity.  I hope that this special z’chus should be leloi nishamas Yisroel a”h and Elisheva a”h.
Engagement #209
Audelia Dhery, March 19, 2022
I’m very happy to announce to you a new engagement of a boy (35) and a girl (30) from Paris.
I noticed that every time that I write the idea on the website, it works BH!!! I am sure that it’s because the great zchus of Yisroel and Elicheva, ah
A huge chazak for your great work
All the best and may we share many smachos!
Engagement #208
S.H., February 28, 2022
Mazal tov! I’ve been inspired by your awesome organization due to my own waiting for a Shidduch and for children. You are doing amazing work. You are giving true chizuk to more than you can imagine.
Engagement #206
Suri Brach, January 24, 2022
As I left my house a neighbor approached me and said you know I have a son in shidduchim…so I told her I didnt know he is in shidduchim I want to hear about him…when I went home I called her and took down all the info…and then Hashem sent a thought! Someone I knew had called me a few days earlier describing her daughter..BH. that was the beginning of another beautiful shidduch.. I realize how much it means to the world to just keep trying..
Engagement #205
Avraham Kaufman, January 16, 2022
When my wife & I redt this shidduch (Our first ever!) we said we were redting it as a zechus for Yisroel & Elisheva. Yisroel is my cousin and we got extra close when we were in eretz yisroel together with our diras on the same block.. I was so excited to do something special for him. Throughout the whole shidduch we saw so much siyata dishmaya & during the whole dating period we kept saying how we were doing this for Yisroel & Elisheva. We felt like we had extra help from them.. Baruch Hashem they are now engaged! Onto the next!!
Engagement #204
M.G., January 05, 2022
I try to have in mind the speech at the levaya we need 10,000 shidduchim …..it’s an inspiration to see an organization that doesn’t stop or give up. I too try not to give up. This bochur who I know for years now and has been in shidduchim for many years! BH I was so happy to be his shadchan along with a friend who knew the girl
Engagement #202
Audelia Dhery, Paris France, December 22, 2021
It’s the story of a beautiful young girl of 27 who really struggled with shidduhim despite her great midos. She met this great boy at a shiour torah a few months ago, but with all the covid thing, it took a long time for both of them to make a decision. She hesitated a long time to go on the shidduch because he wasn’t like the guy she always imagined. So she asked me to speak to the boy to check if I think it could match. I spoke to him and to her many times in order to convince them to make the step. Both of them were not very sure, BH they recently got engaged juste before Chanuka. At a moment i felt that both of them wanted to make a break, because they hesitated and the shidduch went on in a large period of time. So I remembered of 10K and of the story of Yisroel and Elicheva a’h, and I prayed Hashem to help them by their zhut. I was so happy when they announced me that they made the step!! May it be as a great zchus for Ysroel and Elicheva and ken yrbou!
Engagement #201
Mrs. Faygie Hellman, Milwaukee, Wisconsin,, December 22, 2021
I made a shidduch last week! I redt shidduchim daily and this was the first successful shidduch where I did not know either side before I saw their resumes. I had reached out to the kallah’s mother about her son and he was busy so she told me about her daughter. I thought of the chosson from seeing his resume on Ezer Kenegdo. When the kallah’s mother told me about her daughter I quickly found her profile on Ezer Kenegdo as well and I went for it! The shidduch had been redt a few years ago but it wasn’t nagoya then, and this round they went out BH. The chosson is a relative of another shidduch I made and I greatly enjoyed working with his relative’s family. BOTH mothers in this shidduch were sweet, kind, and appreciative. One mother sent me an Amazon gift card after the second date, just to thank me for my time and then after a few more dates I received a gift tray from The Nuttery for Shabbos! I live in Milwaukee…this w as such a treat!!! My kids also felt like they were rewarded for their sacrifice of time and attention when I am working on a shidduch. Attention parents of singles: Send chocolate to people who work on your kids’ shidduchim!! It goes a long way! Verbal praise and appreciation is also greatly valued :). Batay Yisroel is on my mind constantly. The Levin and Kaplan Families took the greatest pain and cultivated a movement that is so far reaching, it comes up at shabbos meals and in teachers’ lounges. They are true role models of resiliency and taking from their own trauma to help Klal Yisroel. The emails and initiatives are amazing and I am so excited when I hear other people being osek in shidduchim. We ALL need to keep trying to think of ideas. If you can’t redt an idea because of time or other barriers, have someone else do it! Call your Rav, Rebbetzin, friendly neighbor. It does take courage, but it is so worth it. I have to credit R’ Shalom Blatter who spends his days and nights organizing, assembling, emailing and advocating for singles. I spoke to him over Sukkos and he told me point blank: “Mrs. Hellman, if you are involved with shidduchim you may not do any other chesed! Other people can make meals and give tzedakah, YOU must do this!!” I kept hearing his voice in my head and trying to think of ideas. When I sent a list to Batay Yisroel yesterday, I started to realize how hard I try. My family has experienced personal yeshuos from being osek in this incredible mitzvah and I encourage every person to take a risk and redt a shidduch. Any part that you have in the story brings bracha and yeshua into your lives…you truly are a partner with Hashem. May this special mitzvah continue to be a zechus for Yisroel a’h and Elisheva a’h and may their families continue this incredible Avodas HaKodesh and nechama from their pain.
Engagement #200
L.G., November 27, 2021

“I know the chosson’s sister from seminary and the Kallah from sleepaway camp. I was schmoozing with my friend and she asked if I knew anyone for her brother. The idea popped into my head of this girl form camp (who barely remembered me when I reached out to her!) The girl and I had few interactions in camp but enough that I knew a little about her. They went out starting last year November, got engaged in the summer, and the wedding is tomorrow! Baruch HaShem!

Siyata DiShmaya I saw in the process was that I never met my friend’s brother directly, and rather I only knew about him through my friend, and the girl I knew from camp was because I was close friends with her co-counselor, so I would spend some time in their bunk. I feel a tremendous zechus to have been the shaliyach to bring these two individuals together.
This project inspires me because of the unbelievable potential there is in making a suggestion. I wish for Yisroel and Elisheva’s merit to continue through this project and future couples building batei ne’emans byisrael.  Baruch HaShem this one worked out!! Davening hard for more!”
Engagement #199
Anonymous, November 25, 2021

This past Pessach my brother’s friend came over to my parents house. He was talking about how his dating was going with a girl he was currently dating. He then went on to talk about his older 26 year old sister who needs a shiduch. I thought of my brother-in-law who was 27. I contacted my mother-in-law after the Chag and they went out. I was the go between and I contacted Das Torah to help guide me when necessary. BH they got married November 8th! Only Simchas!

10K encouraged me to make a shiduch. I always wanted to make a shiduch. However, it made me more aware and realize how one person can make an impact if we all try to look out for others and think of someone for them. It made me less afraid to try and suggest people. It can’t hurt!

Keep encouraging others and may it continue to be a huge zechus for Yisroel and Elisheva and may their neshama have a tremendous aliya.”