Engagement #286

It was my friend and my husbands friend and we thought of it, redt it, were the go between and now they’re engaged! When we thought of it I was like maybe if this works out this can be towards the 10k Batay Yisroel!

Engagement #285

I met the Chattan  at the Oorah Rebbetzins retreat spring 2022 and have been setting him up. We had a break, but some more suggestions came up I contacted him and he ended up coming for a meal shavuot 2023 since he happened to be in Monsey. Meanwhile, I went to Israel...

Engagement #284

I set up  my nephew  Tzvi  from  with my daughters friend Devora. I felt that their personalities, hashkafas and values were aligned and BH  they got engaged last week. What a beautiful request Mr. Levin asked of Hashem at the Leyava of his precious son Yisroel. Not a...

Engagement #283

I was zoche to be Shadchan  few times in the chosson’s family bH. The kallah is my daughter’s close friend’s sister! Reading all of the information Helpful pointers from 10K Batay Yisroel is very inspiring Keeps inspiring me to try!