No, I am not a shadchan but have made my first shidduch this past week and have just started less than two months ago. How is this possible when so many have set up so many dates but year after year they haven’t set up couples who have gotten married??  I hope my story inspires others to take action when it comes to setting people up so we get more simchos, more often!

I know the Kaplan family and coming back from the levaya I knew I had to take action and change something in Yisroel Levin and Elisheva Kaplan’s memory. As a fashion blogger, I seized the opportunity to announce on my Insta story @styledbyfreidy that I will be taking resumes of anyone currently looking for a shidduch (I have a great network of girls it doesn’t hurt to reach out to them)! My only condition was that 1. I don’t do blind’re welcome 2. I get an answer within 3 days or else I move on to the next (I don’t want either party waiting on each ain’t good manners)

One of my followers sent in her resume and pic and I thought of a guy who may be perfect for her but I wasn’t sure if he started dating. Rather, then wait the next two weeks to bring it up, that night I asked the mother if he started dating….she replied, he just started. Yassss, I was in. I sent her the girl’s resume and got an answer then ran to to the girl and got an answer within the week the date was set.

Within, two months they got engaged!

Before the tragedy, I would have thought I couldn’t make a difference and would have procrastinated. This time, I went all out and made the difference. You don’t have to be a shadchan to set people up.

You just have to CARE! Next time you have a good idea (don’t just set people up just can lead to burn out which we don’t want) act on it, send the info, and be there when both parties need you for any other info…and if all is meant to be…you can too set up your first couple! Our destines lie in the hands of the unity of our people.

Everyone says it’s too personal to get involved when it comes to shidduchim. To them I say, get personal and be involved in more shidduchim. I did and I will never regret it. I never met the girl until I did at their L’chaim!

There is no other feeling like bringing two people together. I know because I just did and it’s an amazing feeling that I can’t put into words. I tear up thinking about it. My life,the boy’s life and the girl’s life is changed forever