It’s been 10 years since my first and only successful shidduch.  After Pesach I was inspired to start trying again and they just got engaged!”

“I made my brother’s shidduch 10 years ago to my co-worker, and tried a few after that.  After one couple went out a few times and it fell apart I stopped; I worried that maybe as an inexperienced shadchan I didn’t have the experience needed to facilitate shidduchim. 

After you publicized your campaign, I was inspired to start again. My mother davens in the Levin’s shul and we very touched by the tragedy and follow up campaign.  The girl is my niece and I redt to her my neighbor’s son. The boy was in the freezer so we needed to wait, but once he was able to date it went very quickly B”H.

I am inspired to try to redt more; though I haven’t had any good ideas since then, I will keep thinking…

May it be an aliyah for their neshamos.