Liba Levin was my counselor in Camp BY many years ago. I am not related to her but I always shared short warm conversations when I bumped into her in Yeled or in Boro Park. My son went to Camp Aguda and knew Yisroel. He came from the levaya on chol hamoed and repeated all that was said.

I was inspired to try even harder despite the fact that I’ve been suggesting shidduchim for over ten years and have BH been successful.

This new shidduch is young. She graduated BYHS where she was one of my favorite students and just returned from Hadar Seminary. He is a 20 year old chassidish boy who is the son of a dear friend.

I hope to be a shaliach for many more shidduchim with Hashem’s help.

What you have started is monumental. I posted a comment on the website when you started it asking Hashem to open up minds to say yes. He should takeh hear the pleas for shidduchim bekorov!