A few months ago, I heard Yisroel Levin’s father discussing the initiative and wanted to redt a shidduch l’iluy nishmas but none of the singles I knew matched up. 2 months later, my mother asked me if I knew a girl for a co-workers son and I mentioned one of my best friends from seminary. Although they live an 8+ hour drive from each other, both sides were open and willing and Baruch Hashem, about a month and a half after they met, they recently got engaged! I was hesitant to redt it because it was my first time suggesting anything, and to a boy I didnt even know! But chasdei Hashem it all worked out bli ayin hara, and they are happily engaged today 🙂 All I can say is, it doesn’t hurt to try and redt something, you never know, you just may be the shaliach they were waiting for 🙂

It should be an aliyah for the neshamos and a nechama and a zchus for both the Levin and Kaplan families. I hope they can continue to see much nachas from this initiative.