First of all, Tizku L’mitzvos! Your movement is bringing about wonderful things.

I’m 21 and single and live in a large community. Over the past year, BH a lot of the girls in my neighborhood got married. In shul on Rosh Hashanah, I was thinking that and also thinking how aside from myself there are only 2 other girls my age left b”H. One is a grade-mate of mine, that I did not have much to do with.

When I came home from Shul I was sharing my reflections with my mother. Later at the seudah, my father was saying that a student of his came to wish him a Guht Yahr. He was saying what a nice boy he is and I randomly said- Maybe it’s a good idea for Leah. I do not know either of them really…

My father mentioned it to each side and then after Yom Tov, redt it officially. My parents were the go between the whole time and B”H they got engaged last Tuesday. 

I’ve been inspired by your movement and the awareness it created and always try to think of shidduchim for the zchus of the Chosson and Kallah. Every time I see your ad I’m reminded… and when this idea popped into my head I said: why not do it as a z’chus for Yisroel and Elisheva? 

It’s also amazing and a chizzuk for people who are waiting,… that all you need is the right one to think of the idea. It does not have to be a major shadchan. Anyone can be the one…. and for those who have ideas and are afraid to share them, no-one will slam the phone on a shidduch suggestion so it’s worth it to give it a try!

Thank you for your wonderful work!