I B”H am active in shidduchim and whenever I come to Chicago my daughter asks me to meet girls in shidduchim

A woman came over to my daughter’s house to help out and said I looked very familiar.  I did not recognize her but believe it or not we figured out that I was her teacher 35 years ago.  Later she mentioned she had a son in shidduchim, that night I met 12 girls, and thought they all sounded good for her son.

My daughter suggested I check with someone who knows him
and that person said none of these girls were compatible with him.  At that point I decided to meet the son in person, so I asked him to come 8:00 the following night after the Vach Nacht. My daughter then said one more girl who couldn’t make the night before really still wanted to come.

It was the night before the bris B”H and hectic, but my daughter urged me to meet her as well at 8:30.

The boy came 8:15, and made a wonderful impression, then while I was still talking to the boy, the girl and her mother came. I told them to wait and finished up with the boy and walked him out right
in front of the girl and her mother.  Then I met with the girl and saw open Hashgacha Pratis that she
was perfect for this boy. I immediately set up the date and B”H tonight was the LChaim, to my student’s
son  from 35 years ago.

My daughter in Eretz Yisroel urged me to register my shidduch activity as a zechus for Yisroel and Elisheva, z”l.

When i mentioned it to the almost Kallah that I had registered them, she was visibly moved and was sharing it with the almost Chosson.