Over the years I have redt shidduchim from time to time. Since this initiative started, I was so inspired that I set up so many people just for Yisroel and Elisheva’s z’chus. So much so, that even my children have gotten involved. My 17 year old daughter was talking to a friend of hers who was describing her brother and my daughter thought that he sounded like a good for her first cousin (my niece). I spoke with the mother of the boy and then served as the go-between and B”H they just got engaged!

A year ago this same niece redt a friend of her’s from seminary to my son and Boruch Hashem they got married. I am so happy, that now a year later I was able to pay her back by being her shadchan!

I truly believe that if we all try, then Hashem sends. 

May this website continue to serve as a nechama to both families and we should reach the ten thousand very soon!

Thank you for the z’chus!