A friend called me one night to ask me about a girl who had been redt to her brother. As we spoke it seemed it wasnt a great match. Since getting married I’ve always tried thinking of shidduchim so I asked my friend what her brother was looking for. 

A few weeks later I was by my in-laws for shabbos and my mother-in-law asked my husband if he had any friends for a neighbor’s daughter. She told us what she was looking for and for some reason my friend’s brother popped into my head. Of course I forgot about it after shabbos but a few weeks later it randomly popped into my head. I called my friend. Then called my mother-in-law’s neighbor. And a few weeks later (the night after the 10K event!) I attended their l’chaim!!

I have been married for just under 3 years now. Ever since I got engaged my husband and I have been trying to match up our friends. I have had so many ideas yet none had ever gotten farther than sending one side a resume. People talk about losing interest or feeling discouraged or uncomfortable, but the way I see it is I BH got married and it’s the most wonderful thing. How can I not try to give that brocha to others? Especially my own friends! Its not personal when someone says no to my ideas; I know I’m not good at this. But its fun to try! And here, such a random pair, and it worked! The feeling you get after seeing the smile and hearing that thank you from a chosson and kallah makes the entire process worth trying to replicate over and over. Walking into a l’chaim and being introduced to everyone as “this is the shadchan!!” is really the best feeling in the world

I recently got involved in 10k and helped work on the big event we just had. Being a part of this amazing organization while pursuing a shidduch was so encouraging and exciting! Telling everyone I worked with behind the scenes at 10k that I just added to the first date log, or now the shidduch log, was an amazing feeling. It is a group of wonderful, dedicated individuals who just want to help klal yisroel grow.