I’ve been somewhat involved in shidduchim for the past while and whenever I see a new number on caller ID I assume it’s about shidduchim. A lady called me and I assumed it was about shidduchim but when I answered she said that she’s actually calling about an apartment she is trying to rent. When I told her why I thought that she was calling, she said that she also knows someone looking for a shidduch, actually her daughter. I mentioned a name for her daughter, the lady’s son knew him and also thought it was a good idea and from there it went smoothly B”H.

From an apartment a shidduch came about!

I always see the 10K ads and emails and I decided if I’m redting shidduchim I’d want it to be a z’chus. This is actually the second engagement I am logging le’iluy nishmas Yisroel and Elisheva a”h.