My friends daughter Racheli made aliyah by herself. She is very close bh to her family, and at the age of 21 is quite brave. Understandably so, her parents were concerned about her finding a proper shidduch. I had her in mind, and I participate in Ezer Knegdos data base, and saw Oren who is from Australia and moved to EY  where his father is originally from.  The resumes looked similar in what they were searching for, and so i gave it a try! Bh it worked! I feel there was a special siyata dishmaya when I registered on your site leilu nishmas Yisroel and Elisheva.! Tizku lmitzvos! You motivate us to try our hand at shidduchim! 

I always try my best to be involved in shidduchim, they dont come easily!  When I heard about this beautiful  idea  as a zechus for Yirsorel and Elisheva   A H    I wanted to be a part of it !!!  I havent made a shidduch in a few years and when I registered this couple I had a feeling we might hear a Mazel Tov I feel this to be a special project the has siyata dishmaya!