BH I just had the zechus of completing my first shidduch! I’m only 21 years old but I know the difficulty of being in shidduchim. 10k had really inspired me and I’m constantly redting shidduchim because of it. I  thought of a great idea for my close friend from seminary’s brother a while ago but he wasn’t in shidduchim yet. As soon as I heard he was starting I asked my mother to please redt my close friend from high school to the boy and knew that no matter what I have nothing to lose. They B”H got engaged tonight!! Thanks to 10k for giving me that much needed push and BH see the fruits of my labor.

It helped show me that you don’t need to be a professional Shadchan to make a shidduch. No matter what people are always happy to hear that you are thinking of them in these very trying times. B”H I was zoche to make a shidduch and will b’ezras Hashem continue to help in any way I can!