Through the suggestion of a boy I have been setting up, Gavi came to meet me . Sarah’s brother came to meet me and asked if his sister could come along as well that’s when I met Sara. And the rest is history ! They went out since August and got engaged today BH !!amazing feeling to be the shaliach !

I was  involved in doing shidduchim the past several years, but since this site was created I took it to another level -hearing Rabbi Levin’s request at the levaya followed by several requests to continue the Shidduch initiative lzecher nishmatam, I realized there is so much that can really be done by each and everyone of us. I work daily on meeting with people and trying to redt Shidduchim and BH it paid off today! A couple got engaged from me meeting two random people !!!

I’ve been redting shidduchim the past several years . However since I heard Rabbi Levin and Joel Kaplan speak about the initiative I took redting shidduchim to another level. A day hardly goes by where I don’t spend a set amount of time, either meeting people, sending a resume to a boy, following up on a call etc. my efforts should be lzcecher Yisroel and Elisheva ah.

Mazel Tov