I suggested someone I went out with to someone I (sort of:) knew. I didn’t think anything would come of it. However, apparently a lot of people thought of the idea but no one went ahead with it. Hashem chose me to be the shalaich and B”H they got engaged last week. May everything that comes out of their future home be a zechus for the neshamos of Yisroel and Elisheva Basya!

I am constantly seeing ads with peoples feedback on this initiative. The whole culture it has created definitely impacted my suggestion. Being in shidduchim I am often wary of “random suggestions”. However this initiative and my recent shidduch changed my perspective a little bit. A few days after they got engaged I saw an add introducing 10K first dates. This motivated me to suggest another shidduch with someone else I went out with. I was a little shy but I told myself I am doing this for their zechus! All I had to do was suggest it to someone (she thought it was a brilliant idea) and let a professional take it from there! We will see what happens….. May we hear of many simchas!