“I’ve been redting many shidduchim as a zchus for Yisroel and Elisheva a”h and finally baruch Hashem I made my first one!! I kept on redting even though most of them did not go anywhere-always with the hope that this time something would happen and it did baruch Hashem!!

I can definitely tell you about how the project inspired me. Number 1 I would say that I am a single girl so normally I would think that I don’t stand a chance to make a shidduch. I think this project revolutionized the idea that anyone and everyone is capable of making a shidduch-they just need the courage to redt it!! It is becoming more and more popular for girls to redt shidduchim and I see it over and over again that many are zoche to actually make shidduchim! (two of my single friends made shidduchim as well) Without this project I don’t think we would think it is possible!!

Number 2- I would love to share with the Levin family that when I redt this shidduch I said out loud that it should be a zchus for Yisroel and Elisheva’s neshamos. I’m sure they had a part in making this shidduch go so fast and easy!”