The boy is my nephew and the girl is my daughter’s friend. Whenever I redt shidduchim, I always have Yisroel and Elisheva in mind! I thought of the shidduch 7 months ago. When I spoke to the parents they both told me that since one lives in Eretz and one lives in America as long as no one is coming in lets hold off. Well 7 months later the boy was coming into america and the boys mother reminded about my shidduch. So I went ahead and redt it to both sides again what amazes me the most was that no one that I mentioned it to thought it made sense but i kept on thinking if Hashem put it in my head and they are both really nice people why shouldn’t I try. And thank you Hashem for making this wonderful shidduch happen. Also the way I presented it to the girls mother when she asked me why I think its a good idea and I said” I could just see them together “ and the mother went with the shidduch because I said that. So you see the right words Hashem put in my mouth worked