“I have been so inspired by the daily inspiration, tips and halochos, ever since I have signed up with this wonderful initiative. The truth be told I have been suggesting shidduchim for about 10 years or so, yet over the last few years felt very burned out by the shidduch scene, and how parents and girls and boys deal with things. Since this is not my primary job I had taken a step back. Yet about a year ago a dear family member sent me a link to sign on to the whatsapp chat, and since then it has given much chizuk of the importance and need for everyone out there to get involved.

I am a born New Yorker yet have been living in eretz yisroel for the last 22 years….b’H. The shidduch scene for children of anglo parents that grew up in Eretz Yisroel could be very challenging. Many of them would like to see their offspring’s with an English speaker yet it is not always possible. I am a courageous person and if I feel a shidduch between the girl and boy are suitable I try my best to reason with the parents….that could be very tough at times.

This special shidduch is a wonderful girl with anglo parents, to a fantastic truly Israeli Sabra, yet when I redt it to the parents I told them it is very “left field” yet I truly felt the girl and boy suite each other. With much Siyata DiShmaya the shidduch hit off right away and they got engaged two weeks ago

I have written above, how the halochos, ideas, and beautiful chizuk gave me the push forward!!!”