“I have been making matches for 40 years and have accomplished only 6 but since the Tragedy of Elisheva and Yisroel happened I have been making matches in their memory but this match actually worked. This project was very thought out and a beautiful dedication in their memory. The only thing I have said from the beginning when the project was first thought of is “why did it need two beautiful people to lose their lives for people to start helping to make shidduchim“. It should be in everyone’s blood and mind to help singles find each other. The minute I meet a single I already start thinking who would he/she match to? Do we need a tragedy to think this way or is this the way every Jew should think about helping other people from the start. A middah that is must in every Jew.
We are friends with the Kaplans and never had the pleasure of meeting the Levins but our hearts and respect go out to both families for their loss and dedication for shidduchim. I compare it to a fire. Do you first need a house to burn down to first start being aware of fire safety rules? Fire safety rules should be on everyone’s mind all the time.”