“Hi and a huge chazak for this incredible organization.

My first idea of redting a shidduch came from one of my job colleagues. He asked me to find someone for his young brother. I tried out many times but it didn’t worked out.
A few weeks before the quarantine, the idea of the schidduch, came out to me. About three months later BH, they got engaged, two weeks ago.  I thank Hashem a lot to give me this incredible opporunity to contribute to build new batim beyisroel!!

I heard about 10K a few weeks after my first idea the schidduch of RC and BL, I found this organization so great!!
I feel that the zchut of Elicheva and Ysroel helped a lot in the accomplishment of the schidduch.
Because, all schidduchims that I tried to redt before didn’t work out, and BH since I knew this organization, and since I mention them in my tefila before redting a schidduch, I feel that there is a siyata dichlaya meyouchedet!!

BH It’s the second successful schidduch that I redt this year and I feel that it’s a lot thanks to the zchut of Israel and Elicheva.

Zechutam yaguen aleinu vealkol ysroel, ken yrbou smachots beyisroel!!!

Now I would like to talk to you about the second schidduch I redt, It’s directly min Hachamayim.

I have a friend of mine who has a brother and she told me please do you have someone for him. The idea of his kala came out to me first, because they were in the same university so I told why not!!
Boruch Hashem the schidduch went successfully and they are getting married in a few months!!!

I think the achievement of this schidduch is very because of the zchut of Ysroel and Elicheva because in the past years, when I tried to make schidduchims, it didn’t worked out , and since I knew this organization I feel a siyata dichmaya meyouchedet”