“Hashem has a way of making things happen. I always tell people that on Chanukah we light the Chanukiah in the window to accomplish Pirsumay Nissa (proclaiming the miracle or making the miracle famous). Even today, each one of us has experienced our own miracles in our lives that we know and realize that Hashem was in charge of making it happen. Yad Hashem is very powerful. There are no coincidences in life. When one makes a match the one who orchestrated it all was Yad Hashem. He gave me the honorable job of being the Shaliach.

I have been told that using wine under the Chupah is very significant. Wine/ Gephen stands for Gezunt, Parnasah and Nachas. (Health, Livelihood and Joy from children and grandchildren).  Keep making matches because you never know who matches with who only Hashem knows.“