This summer, a woman recommended I reach out to Batay Yisrael for chizuk and advice for a family member of mine who has been in shidduchim for a number of years already. The woman who responded was very sensitive and gave me some ideas about hosting shidduch meetings. Looking at the website got me inspired to do my part  to pay into the system that I hope will work for me.

I bought a bungalow last year in a specific colony. One day in the summer, I noticed my neighbor in the colony and said to myself, “What a good girl, who can I think of for her?” A neighbor I know from home popped into my mind and I got working. I kept thinking, “Hashem, let this be a zechus for my family member.” Baruch Hashem, the shidduch went through.

Today, as I prepare to go to the vort of “my shidduch” a co-worker came up to me and redt a shidduch to my family member. She said, “I got a yes from my brother, I think he would be perfect. Let me tell you about him.”

I sincerely feel that Hashem treasures the zechus of helping people find their zivug.

May Hashem answer all our tefillos.