“For 20 years I have been unprofessionally  involved In Shidduchim .

When our children started the parsha I got involved a bit more actively, as I got resumes on a daily basis. Eventually I founded my own Shidduch Group with vetted Shadchaniot joining me.
At the time of the tragedy one of our sons was also dating in the US and my husband was very concerned about the weekend trips from Baltimore to New York. When I signed up for 10k I said all of my suggestions will be in memory of Yisroel and Elisheva, hoping to get a siyata dishmaya to be successful and also shared a 10K Post on our group.
I was zoiche to make 3 Shidduchim recently- the latest today and thought to let you know.
People do appreciate the suggestions, especially as you suggest something you considered “good enough for yourself” to them.
I actually never spent the Shadchanus Gelt from all these years back as I was waiting for something special, that I really wanted to have.
Eventually the purpose was found with a new Sefer Torah.