“BH  another engagement!!! Hodu Lahashem ki tov. My son in law had the idea to suggest his friend for his cousin. He asked me to facilitate it. Unbeknownst to my son in law, this boy’s grandmother had called me about 2 years ago and asked me to find a shidduch for her grandson. I remember thinking about him briefly and actually coming  up with a few ideas but didn’t feel that I really know enough about him to set him up. Bh my son in law was on target with his idea. I always think about what our Rav, Rav Boruch Hirschfeld of Cleveland shared with us at a shidduch meeting. Hishtadlus brings down Brocha and Siyata d’shmaya even if the result that we were hoping for doesn’t happen. Perhaps my efforts two years ago were the beginning of the process of this shidduch happening two years later. This concept inspires me to continue trying even if we don’t see the results because no efforts in the realm of shidduchim are wasted.

I was involved in shidduchim and actually BH made a few quite a few years ago. Life got hectic with raising a large family, work, community and family obligations and I stopped  prioritizing shidduchim. 10k Batay Yisroel inspired me to reconfigure and once again put my efforts into shidduchim. BH, since I started again, this is my 4th successful shidduch..”