Ever since I was in high school I dreamed of making a shidduch. When I first saw the ads appearing for 10K Batay Yisroel I mistakenly thought that they had shadchanim on board who redt the shidduchim that people suggested. I thought it was a brilliant idea as I was a 12th grader who didn’t think anyone would take my suggestions seriously. Once I realized what the organization was actually about I thought “You know what? I should really just suggest the ideas myself. It’s probably not so bad” At that point I didn’t have any particular idea in mind but I still wished to make a shidduch. Then I entered shidduchim myself and I was finding it easier to make suggestions and I definitely knew many girls in need of a shidduch. After going out with a boy that was not for me I came home and the name of a girl I knew just popped into my head. I have no idea what made me think of her as I have many friends who were looking for that kind of boy – it was clearly Min HaShamayim. BH they were engaged shortly after and just got married last week!
I am so happy to have the z’chus to have a part in this amazing cause.
Tizku L’Mittzvos