“I’m a Full time Shadchan and set up dates all the time. For some reason I decided to sign up this particular couple with 10kbatayyisroel for the first time. It turns out the boy was Yisrael’s friend, but I didn’t know they had a connection at the time. This shidduch was a bumpy ride. Every time we thought it was over, it somehow got revived. We called it the techies hamesim shidduch. When they actually got engaged, we couldn’t help but think how did this really happen? As I registered their engagement on your website it hit me. Yisrael and Elisheva were advocating for this match. There had to be a higher force up there with Hashem making sure this shidduch would work out. Yisrael was going to take care of his friend and not let this fall through. We are sure that Hashem listened to them. I am so honored and lucky to be the Shaliach for such a beautiful shidduch. Thank you Yisrael and Elisheva and most of all THANK YOU HASHEM”