I was very inspired by the father when he spoke at the levaya asking hashem for 10.000 zivugim. I feel like I’m doing hashems work and I take my ‘job’ very seriously. I actually made 9 shidduchim this yr bli ayin hara. It should be a big zchus for Yisroel and Elisheva a”h.

I take shidduchim very seriously, if an idea comes to my mind I know it’s from hashem and I want to make sure it’s not shut down unless it’s really necessary. I really try to hear the dater and his/her concerns. Sometimes they are real concerns but sometimes they aren’t. I try to suggest to them to tell me his/her maalos and then I say I hear your concern, were not in a rush to say no yet, so it’s a yes for now and then we’ll see. When they see it’s not a pressure and there’s no train to catch they can usually be persuaded to keep trying until they’re 100 percent sure it’s not for them before they say no. Key is to be 100 percent sure before they make a final decision, not 80 & not 90. Many of my shidduchim with Hashems guidance happened from this method. Many were giving up before they really knew.

I hope to continue having siyata dishmaya, to continue to help build yiddishe homes, and ultimately greet Yisroel and Elisheva.”