“I always try to think of who I can set up. Now I have an extra incentive l’ilui nishmas Yisroel and Elisheva.

A wonderful girl started working for me. Thru my business, as a real estate agent, a young man requested my help looking for an apt. He called from Israel. I usually do not deal with 1 bedroom rentals at all! I spoke politely to him and told him I will keep his request in mind….I saved his number thinking maybe something will come up soon b4 I forget about this call….sure enough within the hour my friend calls me to help her rent her 1 bedroom that will be available in about a month – so I quickly call this young man back…..fast fwd…I meet him a month later when he arrived…..thought he would be good for this girl that works for me (that started only 2 months b4 this!) I made the shidduch! BH!!”