“Firstly, the organization and awareness that you have started is beyond incredible!

I’ve been meaning to message 10K 2 weeks ago with good news! I have always tried to set people up…B”H I got many girls and boys on dates but each time things fell through I felt somewhat discouraged as nothing ever materialized.

I kept seeing the 10K Baty Yisroel initiative being advertised and it encouraged me to keep thinking and continue to try and set people up. Somewhat more recently, someone shared with me Rabbi Levin’s speech from the levaya along with the Afikomen song. I was so taken by the song and its words and I find myself listening to it quite often as it has such an unusually strong message.

I am so happy to share that the chizzuk you imbued in Klal Yisroel through seeing how you reacted to a Nisayon that is so tremendous and unfathomable, gave me such chizzuk to try and act on your words and help with shidduchim in the klal… With tremendous Siyaata Dishmaya I was zoche to be a shaliach of Hashem and had the zechus to see an idea I thought of materialize and they just got engaged!!!

There’s no better feeling of partnering with Hashem to help a Bayis Neeman Yisroel be born.
Thank you for being such an incredible source of chizzuk and using your tzaar to help the klal in such a huge way. Besuros Tovos by all.”