It’s the story of a beautiful young girl of 27 who really struggled with shidduhim despite her great midos.
She met this great boy at a shiour torah a few months ago, but with all the covid thing, it took a long time for both of them to make a decision. She hesitated a long time to go on the shidduch because he wasn’t like the guy she always imagined. So she asked me to speak to the boy to check if I think it could match. I spoke to him and to her many times in order to convince them to make the step. Both of them were not very sure, BH they recently got engaged juste before Chanuka.

At a moment i felt that both of them wanted to make a break, because they hesitated and the shidduch went on in a large period of time. So I remembered of 10K and of the story of Yisroel and Elicheva a’h, and I prayed Hashem to help them by their zhut. I was so happy when they announced me that they made the step!!

May it be as a great zchus for Ysroel and Elicheva and ken yrbou!