Mazel tov! I’m so happy to be able to share another 10k Batay yisroel engagement!  While every shidduch is super exciting, I find this shidduch especially meaningful for two reasons: Firstly, I try and make an extra effort for girls coming from Toronto, the city that I grew up in and Cleveland girls as well, the city that has become my home  and where  I am raising my family.  This couple is a Toronto/Cleveland couple. Secondly, this was another random encounter, where I met the girls mother in the parking lot outside the butcher shop and she asked me to meet her daughter. As we know, there is nothing random. The fact that I was leaving the butcher shop while she was coming in was clearly orchestrated from Above. Once again, I thank 10k Batay Yisroel for spreading the importance of  non-shadchanim looking out for our singles.