I have been redting shidduchim for many years. I am not a professional shadchan, just someone that tried to help others, and have done a few shidduchim over the years.
I do recall clearly a point that I was very burned out with different challenges that arose in the shidduchim I was dealing with, and I kind of figured I will “call it a day” and move on with other forms of chessed.
It was at that point that when mentioning it to a family  member that I am leaving shidduchim to others, she introduced me to your outstanding organization!
I have gotten so many tips, chizuk, and halachic guidance over the last few years. It has given me the skills to chart the waters of this avodos hakodesh. I see each time I reach out to parents or singles themselves who are struggling in the parsha it gives them so much chizuk knowing they are being thought of.
10K has given me so much, the least I can do is to continue trying to help others.
The most integral lesson I have learned is I try to redt shidduchim but the outcome is not in my hands. I leave it to the ribbono shel olam. Bringing this last shidduch to completion really strengthened that belief. In addition I have learned not to get emotionally enmeshed in any shidduch I suggest, and if people are not always so nice when I deal with them its ok, they might be hurting.  I try to be kind to all and accept if they say its not for me, I don’t look to push my agenda onto others. I have learned so much sensitivity, halachos and tips, and have gotten so much chizuk from this forum.
I suggested a shidduch between two acquaintances of my children.
My friend called me after a few days that it is not the right type for her daughter. A few weeks later her uncle called me and said “you suggested a shidduch for my great-niece that was not for her yet my niece thinks it is a good idea for my daughter” So that is how I got introduced to this girl. That shidduch did not end up working out. Yet a short while later I thought of this other idea for her. And b”H straight from start they hit it off well. And the shidduch zipped to finish line so easily and smoothly, what a matnas chinam! It just showed me that when Hashem decides it is the right one, and it should go smoothly it does.
And I always keep in mind: I do my best by trying and leave the outcome to the One above.